Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Fix a Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Bug without going to Australia {aka Silhouette Studio Update! v3.3.451}

Early Thursday morning, one of my Facebook page readers, Jan Traeg shared a tip on how to fix the diagonal stray cut that many of you have experienced since updating Silhouette Studio recently:

Jan's post on my Facebook page. Thanks, Jan!

Later that day, Silhouette America released Silhouette Studio v3.3.451 that addressed (and hopefully fixed) the same issue:

Silhouette Studio Release Notes

If your Silhouette cutting machine has been making stray cuts, you can use Jan's tip above to fix it, or you can just click HERE to get the latest update (v3.3.451) from Silhouette America.

If you are tired of playing Beta-Tester and would rather just revert back to the Legacy version, click HERE to see how you can uninstall v3 and re-install v2.

p.s. Sorry about the long title. Can you tell I've been reading this book and Alexander is still on my mind? 

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