Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Not your average dingbat {How to use Dingbats with Silhouette Studio}

I mostly use SVGs for my cards and it is easy to forget that many dingbats work with Silhouette Studio too.

To use dingbats with the program, just treat it as though it is a font - install it on your computer and use the Text Tool to bring the image onto the Silhouette Studio virtual mat. You do not need the Designer Edition to do this because it is not an SVG. You also do not need to trace the image because unlike a graphic, it already has cutting lines.

Dingbats are similar to the LD Simple Shapes in the sense that they are single-layer but you can add different colors to them and convert the images into multi-layer cuts. If you have not used dingbats with your Silhouette before, you may want to check out the following tutorials:

Today's cards and stickers were made with LD's DB Cherish doodlebat font. ("Doodlebats" are LD's line of dingbats.) The file is one of 10 fonts and doodlebats that LD is giving away for free this week. Click HERE to get yours before it goes back to full price after Friday.


File used:
DB Cherish doodlebat
Betty the Yeti paper pack


  1. So adorable!! Thanks for sharing. By the way, I love your new "I am not a robot" instead of trying to decipher the usual captcha!! -Jamie

  2. So these are print and cuts?? What printer do you use? Your colors are so beautiful and vibrant!!

  3. Replies
    1. I'd like to know that also. Love the texture!!! I bought the Georgia Pacific Cardstock at Walmart per Jin's suggestion but it doesn't have this texture that I see so often in Jin's photo's that I LOVE.

  4. Why don't the links work for me? :(

  5. These are such pretty cards! Can you tell us how you did the shaped blue mat under the dingbat flower, please? Is it some use of the offset? It looks great matching the flower shape.

  6. I love these cards and would also like to know how you did the shaped blue mat under the dingbat flower. I've tried to do an offset but it didn't work or come out like yours. I'l love to hear how you did it. I watched your previous videos but still cannot figure out how you did that. Thank you.