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Monday, March 11, 2013

Lunchbox Notes: I thought you might want to know..

While packing lunch for the kiddos the other day, I realized that it's been a while since I made new lunch box notes for them. Seeing the new Millions of Mums from LD reminded me that it was time to get cutting. This is the perfect set for kiddie notecards!

I used the graphics set as I wanted it to be a quick project. Besides, it didn't make sense to me to spend time layering the Cut Its (SVG) when I know the kids will toss the card aside after they have seen it. I could make a lot of these quickly and I wouldn't even feel bad if the girls don't keep them.

I have the Designer Edition and so that was what I used to make these cards but if you only have the free Silhouette Studio program that came with your cutter, you can make them too since no SVGs were used in this project. To make the cards, I imported the "mom", traced the image and made an offset with the trace. If you are new to the Silhouette Studio program, you may want to see this tutorial to see how I trace, and make an offset.

Each card measures approx. 4" x 4" with the inside rounded-rectangle measuring about 3.5" x 3.5". I did not cut these cards out with my Cameo. Instead, I used my paper trimmer and my corner rounder. In other words, you can make these cards even if you do not have an electronic cutter. Just download the Silhouette Studio program from HERE and get your Millions of Mums from LD and of course, you'll need a printer too.

There are 60 different "Moms" in the Millions of Mums graphic set. If I make a lunchbox card with every single one of them, I could have a different card for the kids every school day for 12 school weeks!

'Guess I'd better get printing. :-)


Millions of Mums from Lettering Delights
SNF Simon Says font from scrapsNfonts


  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing notes!!! Could you tell me what kind of paper you use in this project? thanks so much!

  2. Love them and thanks for sharing as always. One suggestion for LD....what about "Millions of GRANDMA'S"????? We need some Grandma things. Everything I make is for my grandchildren because my children are 25,26 and 30, and they don't have lunch boxes anymore (lol).

  3. Love these notes, Jin! Can you tell me what you did for the background and the lettering? I am learning most everything about the SDE software from you! I truly appreciate your ability to teach and thank you for all that you do to inspire us!!