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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fauxidermy Moose

Is anyone into fauxidermy or fake taxidermy? I find trophy heads creepy but these fake ones by LD are pretty cool. 

With the new Fauxidermy Cut Its, you can make 5 different animal busts (deer, rhino, moose, giraffe, elephant) but I chose to make the moose first. I used file #3 (moose) and file #8 (backing). Note that there are two layers in the latter. 

LD's Cut It projects don't usually come with assembly instructions so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are included in this set. I found them in the pdf file and they helped a lot when I was putting the layers together.

I used American Crafts cardstock with Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive for this project. While the paper worked well for the moose head, the antlers were a bit flimsy. I think I can make it more sturdy by cutting a second layer of antlers and gluing them to the first, or even replace them with a pair that is cut out of a heavier cardstock. 

Despite that, I am enjoying the finished piece a lot. That's pretty surprising considering that I'm not into taxidermy anything, faux or otherwise. Want to know what's even more shocking? I'm actually thinking of making another one of these. *gasp!* I just can't decide which one to cut next. Should I make the rhino or the elephant? What about you? If you bought the Fauxidermy Cut Its, which one did you make first?

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