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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beginner's Tutorial: How to Print-and-Cut a Shaped Card with Silhouette Studio

7 days from Oct 31st and I'm finally ready to start on my Halloween projects. Unless the fake blood tutorial or the Booligan treat bags count, I am officially starting late this year. While I can't imagine paper-piecing goody bags for 3 classroom full of candy monsters kids, I sure can print-and-cut them out . Thank goodness for print-and-cut!

If you have never print-and-cut with your Silhouette cutter before, you are missing out on one of it's best features. I remember the first time I printed-and-cut with my Silhouette SD (when the Cameo was not yet available). I was amazed and totally giddy with excitement. There are so many things you can do with print-and-cut that the possibilities are truly endless.

If you are new to my blog, I encourage you to check out my Tutorials Page to look at my Print-and-Cut tutorials. If you have never print-and-cut before, I hope that today's card will inspire you to bring your creativity beyond paper-piecing.

Now let's get started today's tutorial:

I am using Lettering Delights' Frank's Friend Alphabet to make today's shaped card. It is the free sample alphabet-of-the-month. If you are reading this post after October 2012,  click HERE to purchase the set so that you can follow this tutorial to make the card.

To download your free alphabet sample, just click on the Try Me Now box that is located on the top right hand corner of every page on the Lettering Delights website.

Type in the lower case "o" in the text box and select "High Res (750 pixels tall-best)". Click SAVE to download the image of the jack-o-lantern to your computer.

Once you have retrieved the download, just click HERE to watch the YouTube video where I will show you how to make today's printed shaped card.


  1. Many thanks for the beginner tutorials! Do you get the textured card stock (I think that is what I see here) at Michael's too? Oh and what blade settings do you use for that? I noticed that older versions of SSDE have more pre-set cut settings than mine does. I called them about it & they said I just have to do test cuts & figure it out myself :-( I told them that is hard for a beginner to do.

    1. I used American Crafts cardstock to make this card and the settings I used are Blade 3, Speed 3, Thickness 33. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the tip on getting the free alphabet! I love love love the print and cut option!! Question though...I feel like you added an extra step by print/cut the design in addition to cutting out the card form. Couldn't you have just placed the pumpkin on the right side of the card form and did a print/cut of those? Then you wouldn't have to glue two pieces together. UNLESS, you did it so that there was more stability in the card because two pieces of cardstock would be thicker. Just a thought/question. Thanks!

    1. Great point, Leisha! Besides having more stability, I had to add an actual card base because there is no straight edge on the pumpkin. If I made it just a single layer card like you suggested, the part of the pumpkin will not show as it would have been "welded" into the mirror image from the left side. Your idea would have worked on a shape that has a straight edge so no part of the design is in the overlap.

    2. Aahhh...I understand. So it shows over on the back side just a little bit. That makes sense now. :)

  3. Love the cards, Jin! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for another great tutorial!! You always explain things so clearly.. I don't know how I would be able to create with my Cameo without you!! :)

  5. Jin,

    Another great tutorial with excellent instructions. The settings for blade, pressure and speech are much appreciated information.

    Like Lori above you always challenge me to use my Cameo and my graphic images to the limit.

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing your expertise!!!!!