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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Make Santa Stamps (Stickers)

When Lettering Delights released the Little Ho-Ho-Ho-ligans the other day, I think I let out a yelp. No seriously, I think I did. I have been making stickers like crazy and the moment I laid eyes on the postage stamp image in the Little Ho-Ho-Ho-ligans Accents, I couldn't be more excited. I knew exactly what to do with it.

I made...

Santa Stamps!

They are pretty easy to make but there are many repetitive steps in the process. Basically there are a lot of offsets, fill color, and turn off/on cut lines. If you have mastered the basics of Silhouette Studio (e.g., Offset, Fill Color, Line Style, etc.) this project would be a piece of cake.

I can't show you a full tutorial on making these stickers (too long!) but I am posting some tips here that should help you in case you want to try making some.

By the way, if you had missed my tip about the ¢ -symbol, just CLICK HERE to learn how you can add the  ¢-symbol to your design in Silhouette Studio.

When preparing to cut out the stickers, use the settings of Blade 1, Speed 10, Thickness 18 to "kiss-cut" the stamps so that the backing paper is not cut out.

Before cutting out the outside rounded-rectangle, set the Silhouette Studio program to cut using the recommended settings for cutting heavy cardstock, or at Blade 3, Speed 3. Thickness 33.

So basically, that's it! These Santa stamps are pretty easy to make and I hope you have as much fun making yours as I did making mine! :-)

Files used:
Little Ho-Ho-Ho-ligans Cut Its Set
Little Ho-Ho-Ho-ligans Paper Pack
Little Ho-Ho-Ho-ligans Accents
LDJ Jillegible

Sticker paper was purchased from Staples. You can find it HERE.


  1. Jin did you make a letter to Santa stationary set or wad the envelope pictured from the set you mad a few weeks ago

  2. Oh my goodness these are adorable and you are amazing with your Silhouette! You have THE best tutorials and ideas, hands down!!

  3. So cute!! Thanks for the tutorial. I need to mess with my machine-as the cuts go further down the page they get less and less perfect. They are fine at the top though, so I don't think calibrating it will help. So for now I've been offsetting everything.

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  5. Jin: I've had my silhouette for over 3 years and it wasn't until I found your blog that I started using on a weekly basis. I love your tutorials and have made many cards and gifts for little ones and yes, I have made a couple of sets of CUTE stationery for me! :) My 13-year old loves many of the items I've made and it simply would not have been possible without you.


  6. this project and the other sticker one on your gallery but can this be done via MTC and my Zing? I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to make stickers with Staples sticker paper with MTC but no luck. any help would be great, thank you.

    1. Although I bought a Zing, I have yet to use it but I understand that you can print-and-cut with it and MTC. Here are some things that you will need to do in order to make stickers:
      1. You need to know how to print-and-cut with the Zing and MTC
      2. Find out what are the settings for cutting the sticker paper. If you want to "kiss-cut", that is, cutting the sticker part without cutting through the backing paper, you will have to find the cut setting for that too.

      If you can figure out how to print-and-cut with your MTC/Zing, making stickers will be a breeze. :)

  7. Love all of your projects...IAm traying to make some sticker...I have a question? What kind of printer do you use?
    Thankyou for all your tutorials