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Friday, May 11, 2012

OUCH! It hurts.



My heart sank. I've heard many crashes before but this one sounded really bad.


Twin A came running into the kitchen. Panda Girl has rolled off the couch and hit the marble table. I dropped everything and ran into the living room. My heart pounding, I lifted the head of the wailing girl. I gasped as blood flowed down her face and onto my hands....

I froze. Twin A grabbed the last paper towel and pressed onto her sister's wound while Twin B went looking for a new roll. I called Daddy to tell him we were on the way to the ER.

3 hours and 2 stitches later, Panda Girl had learned a hard lesson. Sitting on the top of a couch can be dangerous. Even more so when you do it cross-legged. The Twins were the superheros of the day. While I was all freaked out, the 9-year olds gave me strength. Their courage amazed me and I couldn't have been more proud of them.

It has been three days since the accident, and Panda Girl is back to her naughty self. I caught her jumping on the bed this morning but I don't think she'll be climbing on couches any more. She has long wanted one of my "wobbling cards", so I finally sat down and made one for her today. The card brought out the giggles from her but honestly, I never want to make this card again.

To see how the card wobbles (and brought out the giggles), just see this video:

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  1. Oh, OUCH poor Panda girl! Glad stitches were able to put her humpty-dumpty head back together again!!

    Oh, and don'tcha know that when you show a wobble card, you are supposed to say, "BOINGGGGG" when it goes back and forth?! LOL! Okay, that just happens with *ME* I suppose?! ;-)

    Hugs to ALL of you!

  2. Oh what a shame, there's nothing worse than what goes through your head before you see the evidence and reality of what your child's done in an accident.
    I'm glad that card cheered panda girl up because it is way cute.

  3. it's simply heart stopping when you have an injured child and there is blood pouring out.

    ((hugs)) to you Jin!

    PS Adorable card!

  4. Oh how I feel for you. When my eight year old was about four she was running through the house and tripped over a pillow that she had been sitting on earlier and smacked her head on the corner of the coffee table. Needless to say about five minutes later we were in the car on the way to the E.R. She needed seven stitches! She still runs around and I keep reminding her of her hospital visit but she doesn't seem to care. Hopefully your girl will remember hers a bit better!

  5. I'm so sorry! It hurts the parent more! It reminds me when my son and daughter were running around the den table and I was just about to say STOP! when I heard the same sound! My daughter had to have six stitches on her forehead. My husband almost fainted when the doctor gave her a shot for the pain. But, they survive - I don't know how, but they do! My daughter is now 36 and I still remember it like it was yesterday.


    Carmen L

  6. Glad your daughter is OK! With my four kids I know what you mean about hearing the crash. But when my son was only 18 months old I heard no crash, just a scream. He'd been bitten by a dog right by his left eye. I hope I never have to visit an ER again! At least a cool card came out of your ordeal. I didn't make cards at the time LOL!


  7. I am glad that panda girl is ok now! That's so scary! I have to say WOW what a great card! Love it just wish you would of had to make it under different circumstances.
    { love love}

  8. Oh no! Poor baby!! I can imagine how scary that was for you Jin!

    The card is super duper adorable, I love it!

  9. Oh no poor thing. Thank goodness she is OK and momma didn't have a heart attack.

  10. So glad she's okay now! It is scary what can happen in that one second you don't have your eyes on your babies! Well, the card is fabulous! So cute and love the color combo!

  11. Awww.. big hugs to A and I hope she heals up quickly. The card is super cute!

  12. Cute, cute card, but too bad you needed to make it. The story brought back LOTS of memories - my very active son, age 4, wearing his Superman pajamas and cape, jumped off the couch intending to hop over the coffee table. He didn't make it, and we made our first trip to the dentist where two teeth were pulled in addition to the one he had knocked out. Didn't stop him from trying it again, though. Good luck!

  13. Such a cute card. How did you do to not silhouette is cut just around the letter? Aƶso how did you get the little white space around?