Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Freebies! Free Frames from LD and 10 Free Fonts from SNF


Get your free frames by clicking HERE or the image above. Just add the freebies to your cart and check out. You pay $0!

ScrapNfonts is the sister site of Lettering Delights and they too are giving out freebies today. Click HERE or the image below to get your 10 free fonts. Just add them to your cart and go through the checking process. 



  1. Jin - You are so incredible! Thank you for the heads up on the freebies! I'm so very very sorry about your child. There's a different sound to that scream that means real pain & is associated with blood. And it hurts Momma!
    I loved the ScrapNArt fonts. Can you check on that last one? The DB Roman Philosphy.... It's VERY cool but it's coming up @ $3.00 instead of free. The rest all come thru fine. Thank you so much hon.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jin!

    Did the Roman Philosophy one show up as free on your screen? It's $3.00 on my screen.

  3. Jill and Tami, the price has been fixed. Roman Philosophy is $0.00 now.