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Friday, January 27, 2012

Meet the Bugaboos!

You have seen the ecard, and you may have even seen them on the website. Now see how the Bugaboos Cut It Projects really look like. 

There are 12 projects in the set, including these Bugaboo boxes. Each measures approximately 3 1/8" x 4 1/4", not including the wingspan or the length of the antennae.

The Bugaboo cupcake wrappers may very well be the cutest that you've ever seen. There are wings on the wrappers! LOVE!! I think my favorite is the snail. He's too sweet! How not to love?
I made a ton of owl bags from last year's Animal Valentines and they were a HUGE hit. If you love them as much as I do, you will love these Bugaboo versions.

There are 3 designs: a ladybug, a bee, and a grasshopper. Seriously? A GRASSHOPPER?! That's LD brilliance right there.

Look what I found in the candy aisle at the grocer's. "Love Bug" conversation hearts! How perfect! They fit in the bags with room for a card or two or three. ;-)

There is also a card in the Bugaboo Cut It Projects set. At first sight, I thought it would be tricky to assemble but once I cut the layers out, I literally laughed out loud. The worm looks like it snaked into the heart but it is not assembled that way at all. Just cut and LAYER. I need to stop trying to do things the hard way.

The green worm is from the Bugaboo Cut Its and that set comes with 17 insanely cute designs. The Bugaboo Collection includes a paper pack, an alphabet, a graphic set, a cut its, and the cut its projects that I have just shown you.  CLICK HERE to see the whole collection!!


  1. You are seriously amazing! It looks fabulous!

  2. Thanks, Rani! I LOVE this collection!!

  3. Somebody had way too much fun with this collection!... ;-P

  4. Those are so SUPER CUTE, Jin!!! :) Thank you for sharing (did you cut everything?!) make them so hard to pass up! ;)

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  5. Adorable, off top purchase now, thanks! :-)