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Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to make a Jigsaw Heart (using MTC jigsaw puzzle generator)

I have received several emails from readers asking for help on making the jigsaw heart card that I posted the other week. Here are some tips that should explain how I did it:

1. The MTC Jigsaw Generator is located outside of the program. If you have the registered version, you will find it in the Make the Cut! directory on your computer.

Other files in the directory are not shown in picture above.

2.  For my card, I used a 4"x4" jigsaw that has 16 pieces. Export the jigsaw SVG by clicking on "Export Puzzle".

3. Now start MTC and import the heart and the jigsaw svg. In order to turn the heart into a jigsaw, follow the steps as illustrated below:


4. Once the jigsaw heart is completed, just add the sentiment and print.

5. For a more accurate placement of both the heart and the sentiment, I used a letter-size and an A2-size rectangle as a guide.

6. To complete the card, just adhere the jigsaw pieces using glue and foam tape for added dimension.


That's it! I hope that this answers your questions about the jigsaw heart. If you made a card with this mini tutorial, I would really love to see it. If you have MTC but have not played with the Jigsaw Generator yet, well, what are you waiting for?

Go play! ;-)

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  1. Jin - I am really confused on the Jig Saw Generator. I went to the control panel but in mine, once I get to C:\Program Files (x86)\Make The Cut!\Plugins, mine does NOT show the JSPGen file. I have downloaded the link for the Silhoutte cutter, so I am wondering how to get this in there so that I can use this Jig Saw Generator. Thank you for all of your Tutorials.

  2. Hi Tammyt, the jigsaw generator comes with the paid version of Make-the-Cut (starting with v.3.3). For more info, please see this thread on the MTC forum:

  3. Hi, Jin.

    I´m Maisa, from Spain. Where do you find the A2 size card guide and the letter paper size guide?

    Thanks for your help.

  4. Jin
    Thank you so much I have finally accomplished the heart puzzle, I learnt today how to remove nodes, so I have had a really productive day, thanks for giving us a great tutorial.

  5. Great video jin. Question have you made a regular sized puzzle, and if so what and how do u seal the picture. Any help would've appreciated.

  6. Thanks Jin. I tried this on a photograph, but the media of the photograph was probably too thick. Any tips for how to apply a puzzle type cut to a pre-printed photograph?