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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Space Invaders on vinyl, Panda note cards, and a LD Sneak Peek!

The Space Invaders have been on my mind a lot lately. Since making that card for Hubby, I have cut some out on vinyl and stuck it on his laptop. Btw, it was my first vinyl project with the Cameo (using the MTC plug-in no less!). I loaded the vinyl into the cutter on the "Load Media" setting (load without cutting mat!) and cut with the blade set at 1, speed at 8, and force at 8. The cut was perfect and the blade did not go through the backing paper at all. I was thrilled!

I started making note cards with the image. Nothing fancy, just a simply print-and-cut card but I love how it looked. I could have made a ton of those cards with different colored background but then I realized that he'd probably never use it. So I started making some panda ones for the kids instead.

The panda image is from a wallpaper that Hubby got from an Ipad app. I traced it in MTC and made it into print-and-cut shaped card. Paper-piecing is fun but I wasn't about to spend time putting together layers on a card that I know the kids would not appreciate. Print-and-cut note cards seem a lot more practical for 6 and 8 year olds.

Speaking of the kiddos, Valentine's Day is coming up really soon and I have been thinking of what to make for their classes this year. When the twins were in 2nd grade, I made LD Mailboxes for their classmates.

The year before, I altered the Target mailboxes for them:

Then there were the 30 owl bags that I made for the twins' birthday last year. I'll probably not be making the same thing this Valentine's Day.

With little sis in Kindergarten this year and the twins in separate classes, I'm thinking I may go simple this time. In fact, I may just print-and-cut these for them:

These cards were put together with the latest graphics from Lettering Delights. The Bugaboo Collection is due to be released VERY soon and will include a paper pack, an alphabet, a graphics set, a Cut-its set, and a special project set (my favorite!!). The special project set is soooooooooooooo cute and I can't wait till the release to show you what I'm talking about. 

Stay tuned!


  1. Great post all over... ;-)
    I just printed stuff through my eCAL the other day for the 1st time and I was like "why didn't I do that before with my SCAL?" So much less time consuming than cuts!! Sometimes you just need it to be fast! :-)