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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Lettering Delights CUT IT: Forget Me Nots

Lacy. Intricate. Non-Cute. These are not the usual adjectives that one would use to describe a typical Lettering Delights cuttable set but then again, this is not your normal LD Cut It file.

The designs in the new Forget Me Nots are nothing short of spectacular. If you are one of those who have requested for a more mature and detailed cut file, you are in for a treat. This is the set that you have been waiting for.

There are 18 files in the Forget Me Nots Cut Its set that includes over 24 design elements. When I was told that this set was in the works, I jumped at the chance to test it out.

I love everything that is simple to cut and easy to assemble. Most of all, I love Cute. Testing this set brought me outside my comfort zone. The files here are entirely different from what I would normally use and I have to admit that at first sight, I was a little intimidated by the intricacy of the cuts.

Upon importing the SVGs into Make-the-Cut, I was pleasantly surprised that most of the cuts would fit well within the Silhouette SD's cutting mat. Only file #3 and the envelope cut in files #1-2 would require a larger size mat.

Almost all of the cuts pictured on this page were made with my Silhouette SD. In fact, the Silhouette SD made cutting these designs out seem so easy. As soon as I saw how beautifully it cut out the intricate layers, I knew that the Silhouette would have no trouble cutting the rest of the intricate files. For the larger envelope layer in files 1-3, I had to use the Black Cat Lynx cutter (Yes! I actually had to dust the kitty off in the basement!) as the size of the image was too big to fit on the Silhouette mat.

To cut the very detailed design for the envelope liner, I set the cutter on low speed and low pressure and I also used text weight paper. The layer cut out beautifully!

The cuts for the tags in this set are some of my favorites. That flower design is stunning! I cut these tags and leaves on regular weight printed cardstock and using my Silhouette SD. To give the cuts more dimensions, I curled the leaves and petals.

The Forget Me Nots include several designs for gift card holders, cards and envelopes. Also included are some single design elements that you can mix and match with. You can even layer them over the other files (tags and cards) to make your own unique cards and envelopes.

Even though I do not often make projects with intricate designs, I like this set a lot. The cuts are beautiful and would be perfect for when Cute just is not appropriate. Click here to get your own Forget Me Nots now and don't forget to pick up your Friday Freebie while you're there. 

Have a Super weekend, everyone!

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  1. Love these! Definitely NOT cute! loving the elegant colour combination and the popped 3D look you gave to your tags! <3

  2. Hi Jin,
    these are awesome, I bought them immediately. On files 7 and 8, what is that band for? Does it hold the card closed? I haven't cut it yet and I'm confused...

  3. I think so. I cut them out but I didn't use them with the gift card holders because I thought that they look fine without them. If you don't use them with the gift card holders, just use them as an extra design element for mix and matching with something else. The designs work great when paired with the cards, envelope, and tags too.


  4. I LOVE your blog!!! I named you as one of my Top Ten Blogs...please stop by and see at and pick up your badge at
    Thanks, Nancy

    The Apple Basket Teacher

  5. Hi Jin,

    I just got the set and was wondering what is design no 3 on the first row in the picture?