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Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Saturday

Last Saturday, I woke to a beautiful sunny morning. Summer has arrived late in Washington this year and it was wonderful to see the clear blue skies instead of the rainy and grey.

Last Saturday, I decided to let the kids play outside while I clean out the garage. It has been a while since I've last done that (Clean out the garage that is. My kids do get to play outside.) and the junk that gets displayed every time I open the garage door is starting to embarrass me. It feels so good to finally be decluttering that space.

Last Saturday, we went out for Chinese food and my fortune cookie thinks I will have a new interest soon.

Oh, and last Saturday, Andy released MTC v4.0.0 beta.

This latest version is packed with lots of goodies. Especially Nodes Editing. To see all the wonders that v4.0.0 beta contains, click HERE. MTC v4.0.0 beta is a BETA release. This means that it is in testing-stage and may contain bugs. If you are interested in bug-hunting beta-testing, you can get your MTC v4.0.0 beta by clicking HERE (see the first post of the thread).

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