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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My vacation giveaway WINNERS!

Thanks everyone for playing in my "Where in the World is Jin Yong?" Giveaways. I'm sorry that I'm late posting the winners (Blame Andy for distracting me with that v.3.3.2! :-p )but they have been picked and I'm excited to announce them. I had so much fun putting up those vacation banners for all of you! We enjoyed our Southern California vacation so much I was so sad to come home.

On our first full day in CA, we brought the kids to Disneyland. My hubby took the picture for the banner when we were waiting in line for the It's A Small World ride.

The next day, we brought the girls to Sea World in San Diego. We got to feed the dolphins but our favorite part of the day was watching the Shamu show. In fact, we liked that so much, we watched it twice!

We also visited California Adventures...

...and stopped by Universal Studio as we made our way to Santa Barbara. By the way, for those of you who asked, I did let my hubby and kids go inside that cake stand store with me. ;-)

On Monday, we went to the San Diego Zoo. My girls loved it but our very favorite part was that we got to see a real live panda!

Most of you got the answers right but since this giveaway is all for fun, it didn't matter if your answer was wrong, your entries were still counted. :-)

Now, are you ready for the winners?

..........drum roll.........

All the winners were picked by and they are ....

Giveaway 1: JessicaL
 Giveaway 2: teachdanz

Giveaway 3: Martha

Giveaway 4: Cathy 

Giveaway 5: Cynthia

Congratulations, JessicaL, teachdanz, Martha, Cathy, and Cynthia! You have each won a $5 Lettering Delights gift certificate! Please contact me to claim your prize.

Thanks for playing, everyone!


  1. Congrats ladies :) Thanks Jin for the opportunity to play along. Great photos and I hope you had an absolute ball on your holiday

  2. OMG that's me! Thanks Jin, looks like you had a blast on your vacation. And you get to meet Thienly this week, FUN!

  3. Yippee, that's me!! (also known as Nicole, [posted on facebook yesterday]) Still don't know how you guys got through all of that in 5 days - whew!!!
    ikennic at q dot com

  4. Congratulations to the was fun playing along and sounds like yal had a super fun family time...very filling with lots of adventures.

  5. Congrats winners!! Especially my girl Jessica!! Hehehehe :)

    I hope your vacation was awesome Jin! Next time you have let me and Belinda know and we will all do something!