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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MTC ver. 3.0: Print-and-Cut

The MTC forum is buzzing with excitement. The new update includes a Print-and-Cut feature (like Cricut Imagine? ;-) ) and it is what many of us, myself included, has been waiting for. 

I stole a little time away to try out MTC's Print-and-Cut feature today. Andy (the creator of MTC) has advised that we should  test the printer and cutter. So the first thing that I printed and cut out was a 4"x4" square. I was amazed how well the test came out.

This picture shows the printed and cut test paper. 

Notice how close the cut line is  to the printed patterns.

The end result couldn't have been more perfect! No white bits at all! I was amazed and so I decided to print-and-cut something else. Something that is not a standard shape. I decided to try cutting images from Lettering Delights' Harajuku Girls.

Once again, the results were great. There are a bit of white showing on the girl and the radio but it is so little that it really doesn't bother me.

If you are interested in learning more about MTC and its new features, just head on over to the MTC forum. There are so many posts there about the Print-and-Cut that I'm pretty sure you can find an answer to your question. If not, just make a post and ask away. Most of the times you will get an answer from one of the awesome MTC experts who hang out there. :-) There is also a webinar going on at 5:30pm pst on Tuesday. You can register to attend the webinar at 

If you do not own MTC and would like to give it a try, you may download a free trial copy by clicking here.

To download the MTC ver. 3.0 Beta, click here and scroll down to the end. Please note that this is a Beta release. The official release of MTC 3.0 will come later.


  1. I just bought MTC and I must say you are one of the main reasons that I did! I love your work and have been following you for awhile. Now I need to find out about the print and cut feature! lol

  2. Jin
    As always you give the best advice and results are on the money.
    I grabbed up one of those $32 Printers from Walmart. It prints exactly as it should using MTC and the images are so crisp. Thanks for the information about it!!!!

    Kays Print and Cut video is great also.

    Thanks Linda