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Monday, November 15, 2010

Let it snow!

Snow. I have a love-hate relationship with Snow. I'm not so crazy about that kind of snow that sticks around for weeks and creates havoc on the roads but I absolutely love the snow that first come down for the season. Especially late at night when the sky turns a bright orange color and the snow that comes down would bring with it a breath-taking calmness. 

And so when the weatherman threatens the other week that we would have to suffer through a lot of snow this winter, all I can think of is that lovely first snow.

Today's card is a message to the weatherman. In MTC, I "sketched" out how I want the card to look like. The snowflakes are from LD's Peppermint Holiday graphic set while the sentiment is from the accompanying Peppermint Holiday Expressions set. 

Using MTC, I cut the words on adhesive-back paper and position them on the card with transfer tape (leftover from a previous vinyl project). For the benefit of those of you who have never used transfer paper, here are some pictures that show how I used it:

I used adhesive-back paper and left the white backing on the mat after the transfer tape has picked up the words. If you do not have any adhesive-back paper, just apply glue to the letters while they are on the transfer paper before you stick them down onto your card.

I embossed the card front by using a Cuttlebug snowflakes embossing folder. The glittered snowflakes were made by first cutting them out on cardstock and then applying glue on them before coating them with a layer of glitter. They were then adhered to the card front with foam tape. All that's left to do is to layer that onto a card base and the card is done.

So that's my message, Mr. Weatherman! Bring it on and let it snow! ;-)


  1. What type of adhesive backed paper is this? Is it the new Post It paper? I'm interested! Love the "says" snow! LOL
    PS I'm just like you about the snow. Love the first snowfall, but hate all that after it. LOL I HATE slushy floors when everyone tromps in the house. I think that is my biggest dislike about snow: the mess!

  2. Your card is so pretty! Personally I prefer the paper snowflakes to the real thing! Last year we had enough snow to keep me satisfied forever! I hope your weatherman is wrong!!

  3. Thanks, cfine. We didn't get any snow here last year. I was so bummed! LOL!

  4. Hey jayma! I love the card too. LOL!

    The adhesive paper that I used is the Sizzix Little Sizzles Shantung Texture Pad. You can find it at the Sizzix Outlet ( ). It's a 6" x 6" pad and is only $1.49 :-)