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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Got Eggnog?

It's Tuesday and the in-laws will be here in 2 days for a month-long visit. Urgh. I really should be cleaning the house but card-making is so much more fun. So I thought I would get Hubby to clean up the guest room while I....I....urmmm...take a break? (" back hurts....I'm need to sit down for a while.") :P

Have you seen the DB Gingerbread Cookie doodlebat font? I adore that set. I mean, look at that gingerbread man. Isn't he the cutest? I like my gingerbread people round and chubby cos' I find skinny ones creepy. Like the skinny ones from a certain *cough* gingerbread cartridge *cough*. 

MTC makes it such a breeze to create the layers. I used the program to first layout the card and then use Boolean Join to cut down the size of the gingerbread man before creating the layers.

The sentiment is courtesy of Hubby. He's such a goof! The frame is from Funky Frames. I merely "Pixel Trace" the frame, and "Blackout" the insides, then rotate it 90 degrees. After that, I made a Shadow Layer.

I used LD Modern Sans for the greeting and layered everything on a card front that I had embossed with Cuttlebug's Polka Dots folder.

Oh my! Look at the time! Guess it's too late to cook dinner now. Oops! Think I'll have to get hubby to buy takeout. I wish I can get out of cleaning the house. Urgh. Wonder if I can charm the in-laws with this gingerbread guy so they won't notice the mess? Urgh....


  1. That gingerbread man is such a cutie your in laws won't notice any mess! (Just give them a little eggnog, extra on the nog if you know what I mean!) I wish I could get my DH to clean anything, so you're lucky! I like the way you put the gingerbread man over in the corner, never would have thought of that. Good luck with your in laws, I know how that can be!

  2. Thanks, cfine! I will definitely be piling on the my cup! LOL!


  3. Aww he is so cute! I'm with you about the skinny gingerbread men. It's just wrong.

  4. I know! Did you see the skinny ones from the cartridge? So very wrong.