Friday, October 29, 2010

$1 Treat

Seriously, all these for a buck?

I really thought that this was a price mistake. I mean, 6 fonts that was $18 is now just a buck? Gotta be a mistake, right? Well, turns out that this is LD's treat for their customers. That DB Haunted House alone is already worth that dollar. Be aware though that this font needs a little clean up before they can be used to cut with MTC cleanly. That's because there are small tiny dots within each design. I just clean the image up by "breaking" with CTRL-B and deleting away those spots. Also, LD Peek-A-Boo looks like it can also be used for occasions that is not related to Halloween. Nevertheless, the bundle is still crazy cheap and if you have a coupon, it will cost even less! How's that for a treat? ;-) 

Click here or the image above to get it and if you have not downloaded the free treat bag, you can also go here to add it to your cart and checkout.


  1. Awesome, thanks!! I usually am too late to get in on these good deals but I got this one-yayyy!!

  2. Yay!! Glad you got in this one, gale! Hope you got the free treat bag too cos' there's some cool things you can do with it in MTC. ;-)