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Monday, September 20, 2010

Cupcake Wrappers

If there is any good excuse to "cut-and-print" it has to be for these cupcake wrappers. I've long noticed that Lettering Delights carries many cupcake wrappers in different prints in their store. I've even bought and downloaded a couple but I've never taken the time to use them. The instructions that accompanied each download required that I print and cut them out. All I could think of was that it would be such a drag to have to cut all of these by hand. And then it hit me...I could (Cri)cut these out using the "faux-magine" a.k.a. "cut-and-print" method!

So I finally opened my copy of LD Provincial Princess cupcake wrappers graphic set that I had downloaded many moons ago. With the same method as illustrated in my video tutorial here, I traced the wrappers into MTC.

I probably spent too much time tweaking the dimensions in both Photoshop and MTC but the final results were definitely worth it. I was happy that I didn't have to spend all that time hand-cutting and the kids were happy that they got to eat cupcakes.

I will have a tutorial up tomorrow that will show you how I did this and on Wednesday you will see how you can even personalize each cupcake wrapper with just the basic wrapper shape from LD.

Stayed tuned!


  1. Thanks for sharing this supercute idea! I love the files Lettering Delight sells and love your blog!!!! Bye!

  2. Thanks for letting me know that you are enjoying the blog, Anne-Marie. It really helps to know that I'm keeping my readers entertained. Thank you for all the encouragement! :-)

  3. I'm new at your blog. I really like your projects. I have a question I don't have Photoshop for use with the lettering delights, could I use other one that I could get for free?, because I'm new with the digital images. Thanks

  4. So cute!! Send a cupcake my way-I want one with a pink wrapper please :D.

  5. Hi Indira, Welcome to my blog. I use PS because I am most comfortable using it vs the other graphics editing software. I understand that it is also possible to use Inkscape (a free downloadable program) to convert LD images but I have never used it to do so.. Another alternative that you can consider is Photoshop Elements. It has a lot of the same tools that I am using with PS but it is a lot cheaper than PS. There is a free 30-day trial of the program that you can download. You might want to try the program out before deciding if you need to buy it.

  6. This is a must have cartridge. I have had my cricut about 10 months and love it! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Susan -

  7. Thank you for sharing your tips and techniques in creating cupcake wrappers. I am currently in the process of creating some to share on my blog with the Valentine's Day holiday coming soon.

    You blog is very informative and a great resource. I can't wait to come back.

    Thank you again,