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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elephant Jokes

"Mom! Mom! What has 3 feet but can't walk?"
"A yardstick! Hahahaha..."

These are the kind of things I've been hearing lately from my two 7 year olds. Besides the endless "Knock-Knock" jokes, they have been telling me all kinds of silly riddles. I love how they crack each other up. Who knew that this is such a goofy age?

Perhaps that's why when I saw the elephant from Lettering Delights' new Pun Intended graphic set, I knew that I have to make a set of make-you-laugh cards for them. I've never seen or owned the infamous 101 Elephant Jokes book but a few minutes on Google was enough to make me cry:

"What is grey and flies? A jumbo jet!"


"How do you know if there is an elephant in your fridge?
Footprints in the butter."

"How do you know if there are 2 elephants in your fridge?
Two sets of footprints in the butter."

"How do you know if there are 3 elephants in your fridge?
Can't get the fridge door closed. "

 I read and laughed and read and laughed some more but when I shared the jokes with Hubby, he didn't seem to get it. Yet I was undeterred. I knew that the girls would enjoy these. In fact, I was pretty excited that it was my turn to make the twins laugh.

LD's elephant graphic is so easy to work with that I did not even need to make the layers in Adobe Photoshop. The contrasting colors of the brown elephant means that all I needed to do was just trace and import the image in MTC

I knew that the cards were going to be quarter-fold sized or 4.25" x 5.5" so I cut the animals at a height of 2.5" and adhered the layers with foam tape. I used a lot of foam tape for this project not only because I had cut out so many elephants but mostly because the image is so simple, I thought it was important to give it more dimension.

When I first started on this project, my idea was to sneak in these joke cards into the kids' lunch bags when they go back to school. I like to surprise them with an occasional card when I pack their lunches and I just knew that the girls would love the jokes. But then, school is still 3 weeks away and I really can't stand to not tell these to them. So when I tucked them into their beds last night, I went ahead and told them all the elephant jokes that I know.

My goofy daughters totally burst out with laughter! I knew it! These riddles are so silly that they couldn't get enough of them! I was thrilled that unlike their father, they found humor in the absurdities.  The trouble was, by the time I turned their bedroom lights off, I had already emptied out my supply of elephant jokes. Making joke cards was now kind of pointless. But then I have had so much fun cutting all these elephants out and I still had the urge to cut more. That's when I decided that instead of putting joke cards in their lunch bags, I would make the girls little elephant note cards. I would leave the inside blank so that I could write little notes or even short riddles sometimes.

By the time I was done, I have a little army of elephant cards. Each little note card measures approximately 2.5" x 5" and they fit perfectly in the yellow coin envelopes that you can find at the office supply stores.

By the way, the tree image that I used for this card is from Lettering Delights' LD Woodsy Doodlebat font and I had to make a minor adjustment to it to make it MTC/Cricut-Cutable.

Lettering Delights' new Pun Intended graphic set is LD's Sneak Peek for this month and is currently on sale for only $2. However, you may only add this set to your shopping cart when you are checking out. In other words, you can only buy this set when you are buying something else.

All the words on my cards were printed with my Canon inkjet printer. I usually like to print using my Samsung laser printer but my Neenah Paper cardstock was too thick for it. It wasn't really fun when I had to remove all my now-ruined cardstock from that %#!#@ jammed-up laser printer. Thank goodness for these elephant jokes. At least they still made me laugh even when I had to look down and see my ruined cardstock.

"What is grey, wrinkly, and has streaks of black on it's body?"

An elephant jammed up in a laser printer!



  1. Super cute elephant cards and great jokes! Your kids must of loved them! :)

  2. Those are SO cute!! I love the elephant shaped cards! :) And I love the jokes too. I am a huge laffy taffy fan, so these are right up my ally. My husband just rolls his eyes at me when I start telling them. ;) Thanks for sharing! (I found your blog from the lettering delights idea page, with these cards)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Diane! :)

  4. I love your idea...I too love laffy taffy jokes, can't eat it anymore too many expensive crowns on my teeth. LOL Pam