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Monday, June 22, 2015

NEW! Silhouette Studio v2.9.67 {patch for Legacy version}

Heads up, Silhouette users! The security patch for the Legacy version is up!

Silhouette says that the recent updates are necessary in order to prevent credit card fraud but the problems of the two initial updates for v3 have made me lose the confidence that this v2 patch will be bug-free. I have downloaded the file but I'm a little nervous to install.

For Legacy users, before installing the latest patch, I highly recommend that you backup your files. PC users, your Shapes Library and your SSDE License are located in the following locations. Copy the entire folders to an external drive to backup. Replace the folders to the same location to reinstate your library and licence key:

Shapes Library:


Click HERE to download v2.9.67. Install at your own risk.

Good luck!

p.s. If you don't install the updates before June 23 (tomorrow!) you will still be able to use the program but you will not be able to access and download from the Silhouette Design Store. You will also not be able to enter new license keys to upgrade the software.


  1. Thank you for posting this!!

  2. Hi Jin,

    Thank you for posting Shapes and License backups. My problem is that I do not see this location file ProgramData on my PC's C: drive. In the past I had to reformat my hard drive and re-install Silhouette Studio SE and lost my Shapes and couldn't re-download them from Silhouette.
    Cynthia G.

  3. HI Jin,
    Thank you for all the updates regarding silhouette. i also do not see the location file "ProgramData"... i have program files but also cant locate the rest of the path. i have not YET reformated my computer (but it must happen soon) but i want to get silhouette straightened up and working before i do so. any suggestons? i also commented on your FB page so if theres anyone out there that can help... grately appreciated :)

    1. Not Jin, but hopefully this helps you and Cynthia.

      If you can't see the folder, it's probably hidden (mine was). This is what I did:
      Go to File Explorer>View>Options>Change Folder and Search Options>View.
      Look for the "Hidden Files and Folders" and click the radio button.

      Once I did that, I could see the "Program Data" folder.

      Hope that helps.