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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Getting real close!

OMG! There is finally some signs that LD's new site is actually happening! It has been too long since their "Failed to Launch" notice!

Thanks to a heads up from Junia Keila, I see that there is a "scheduled maintenance" notice up on the LD site. The page does not look like their old site at all! I have a screenshot of it below but you can also click HERE to see it.

I never thought I would get so excited over a "scheduled maintenance" notice but I am so happy and so relieved that there is finally an indication that LD's new site is something real and is actually happening. I cannot wait until they put it together and launch the site that we have been looking so forward to! We have waited too long for this!

from LD's Facebook page


  1. congratulations, I hope with emotion !. I am a customer for a long time and I love it ...

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