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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another update to the update to the update {or new Silhouette Studio v3.3.638}

And so the circus of updates is still going on. Yesterday (June 16), Silhouette America released Silhouette Studio v3.3.638 to fix a bug in v3.3.632, the update that was posted on June 12, to fix a bug in v3.3.622, that was released on June 10.

Is your head spinning yet?

I have not updated my software and frankly, I have no intentions to. At least not yet. With every update that Silhouette puts out, it seems that scores of issues follow. For now, I am waiting to see the v2 patch that they have mentioned that they will be releasing by June 22. With all of these recent drama with their updates, I am not even confident that the upcoming patch will work properly but I'll be patient and will wait and see.

If you dare, you can get the latest Silhouette Studio v3.3.638 by clicking HERE (Scroll down the page to find the download).

Click HERE and HERE to see their release notes.

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