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Saturday, June 27, 2015


LD released several new sets this morning. Their weekly freebie that is usually released on Fridays was also not available until today.

Click HERE to check out their new Imperial India collection.

LD also has a new "Earn-It-Free" collection. Be careful, the rules of this promotion has changed. Click HERE to see how you can get the entire Humming Along collection added to your LD account at no extra charge.

ere are your weekly freebies:

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the Imperial India Crocodile graphic and cut it sets to your cart and checkout. You pay $0.00!

The freebies are available until tomorrow (Sunday) night at midnight MST so make sure that you get them before they're gone.

Thanks, Jess for sharing the great tip on my Facebook page!

Silhouette Studio users, don't forget to claim your weekly freebie. Even if you have not updated your software and are unable to access the Design Store at the moment, click HERE to claim it from your browser. You may not be able to download to your software now but you will still be able to do it in the future after you managed to update.


  1. Not sure I appreciate LD's changes. Their prices certainly have jumped, and I notice that in my two recent purchases that the coupon code for 25% off the next order has disappeared. That will surely cut down on my purchasing ability!

  2. I have to agree. I don't like their changes one bit and it is difficult to navigate the site. I don't like that you can't see what you have purchased unless you look on your history. This is no update. We want the old site back, and the 25% coupon code, not sure I am going to be visiting this site on a daily basis like I used too!!

  3. i'm looking at the checkout screen. No more Paypal option?
    I did also notice that their prices have changed. No more coupon code at checkout? Like what Sue said above, guess i'll have to be more selective over what i purchase now. bummer.

    1. There is a papypal option, you just have to go to the next screen after choosing your payment method. I thought the same thing!

  4. Totally don't like the new way to get the free stuff. Now you have to use a coupon code so you can't get a discount on the purchases made to fulfill the requirement. One good thing is the required amount is lower. Thought I liked the new site but I see so many people having trouble. This can't be good for LD. Hope they get their act together soon, I really like their stuff!