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Friday, June 12, 2015

Another Silhouette Studio Update! {version 3.3.632}

If you had downloaded and installed the latest Silhouette Studio update (version 3.3.622) that was released on Wednesday, you may have troubles starting the program. Silhouette has just released a new update that may fix that problem.

Click HERE to get your update (at your own risk!). If you had missed my previous post regarding the v 3.3.622 update that was released 2 days ago, please click HERE to see what I think about it and why I am waiting to update.


  1. I updated when it first came out a couple of days ago. Cannot open. So I read this post and went back and used the "new" June 12 update and updated again. Still. Cannot. Open. So I will wait and hopefully they will get this fixed.

  2. In all the Facebook Sil Forums from around the world that I am in, it looks like A LOT of people are having problems with the new update. We're messed up if we don't download the new version, and we're messed up if we download the new version...Sil America better step up their game and correct problems and issues with this new version, otherwise they're going to have A LOT of angry Cameo users, and even sales of the new Curio will probably suffer.