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Friday, June 12, 2015

$1 Hats off to You Cut It Project (reg. $5)

Project and Photos by LD

It's Graduation Season and LD has a great deal on a graduation-themed set for us:

For a limited time, get the Hats off to You Cut It Project (SVG included) for only $1! The regular price is $5 so this is like getting it for 80% off!

This offer will expire on Monday. Click HERE to get it before it's gone.


  1. Hi Jin,
    I know you're not the official spokesperson for LD, but have they updated you on the progress of their site? Appreciate any update you can give.
    Thanks, Diana

    1. I know. It's really taking an awfully long time for the new site to happen. :( They must be really sick of me bugging them about it by now but I don't care. I'm going to ask them again.

    2. You are so kind, thanks so much! I appreciate the freebies, but I really want to start downloading the files I want with the subscription I paid for on the new site that was going to be online very soon (over a month ago...)!!!

    3. I totally understand! I'm enjoying the freebies and the deals but I really want to see the new site too. :( I've sent my email and I'll update you if I hear back from them. Hang in there!