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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Some thoughts about the new Silhouette Curio and Silhouette Mint

2 days ago, Silhouette announced that they were coming out with some new products. Actually, I should probably say, A LOT of new products. Here, take a look:

Silhouette Product Rollout 2015:

  • Silhouette Curio cutting machine
  • Fine Embossing Tool
  • Wide Embossing Tool
  • Deep Cut Blade
  • Premium Blade (recommended for use with the Curio)
  • Curio Stippling Tool
  • Curio Etching Tool
  • Curio Score and Emboss Paper
  • Curio Metal Etching Sheets
  • Curio Aluminum Stippling Sheets

  • Silhouette Mint stamp maker
  • Mint Stamp Kits
  • Stamp Sheet Set
  • Mint Ink

for fabric crafters:
  • Silhouette Fabric Ink
  • UV Light-Sensitive Fabric Ink
  • Glow in the Dark Fabric Ink
  • Fusible Fabric Stabilizers (Rolls)
  • Reflective Heat Transfer Material
  • Faux Leather Paper (roll)
  • Printable Cotton Fabric

  • New Felt Tip Pens
  • Silhouette Tool Kit
  • Printable Glow in the Dark Sticker Paper
  • Glow in the Dark Vinyl
  • Scratch-Off Sticker Sheets
  • Printable White Adhesive-Backed Cardstock

I was initially super excited about that Silhouette Curio. A machine that can cut, emboss, score, sketch, stipple, etch, and DEEP CUT?! Oh yeah, Baby! GIMME NOW! Then I stopped to look closer and realize that the Curio cannot cut 12" x 12". Say what?! Seriously, what were they thinking?! Once I got myself the Cameo, I cannot go back to a smaller cutting area! The fact that the Curio only has a 8.5" x 6" cutting mat is a huge bummer and because of that, I'm not so sure if I should get the Curio after all. Please, Silhouette America, come out with a Curio that can cut 12" x 12" and I'll be all over it!
The Casio Pomrie stamp maker

That brings me to the new Silhouette Mint Stamp Maker that I am actually a lot more excited about. You may recall that last year I posted about the Casio Pomrie. You can find the article HERE. Both the Casio Pomrie and the Silhouette Mint are mini thermal printers. The stamp impressions are made when special paper inserts react to the heat. The Casio Pomrie comes with its own software and the Silhouette Mint works with its own Mint Studio program. While the Mint includes 50 designs, the Casio Pomrie comes with over 650 graphics!

Having said that, I love that Silhouette is coming out with the Mint because I had a hard time finding a U.S. retailer for the Casio Pomrie. Until recently, it was not even available on Amazon. Now, you can find the Pomrie being sold HERE.

Here is a video (in English!) that shows how the Casio Pomrie works. I wouldn't be surprised if the Mint works the same way:


  1. Jin, I appreciate your feedback on this. I too checked out the two machines, mint and curio. I was bummed about the size too. I emailed them to see if a 12 x 12 was an option. The support team redirected me to the website and reiterated a few times when the machines were available. But they did not answer about the size! So I am with you, I would totally get one, but it needs to be a 12 x 12.

  2. I'd also like to see them come out with a 12 x 12 Curio. I noticed that you can purchase an add-on kit for $49.99 that can accommodate 8 1/2 x 12 for cutting and embossing.

  3. My first thoughts too...WHAT NO 12X12! I am using the original Silhouette and the original Cameo. I thought maybe I should upgrade to the Curio but not in the smaller size. I need 12x12!

  4. I think my other comment disappeared. I agree that the Curio should have been standard with the sized mats already used for their other products. I don't *need* a 12x12, but I'd like to use the mats I have. When I think about it, it could be that Shilhouette makes their money on mats, so buying a different size will force you to buy more mats. Unless, of course, we don't buy the Curio because we'd have to invest in more mats. *coughlisteningshilouettecough*
    The Mint, no thanks. I don't use many physical stamps now, mostly use digital and the process of making one, then applying their ink, then needing to blot/stamp it off, too much work. I am certain I won't be investing in that.

  5. I saw on the pdf download of the rollout on the silhouette website that they also have a mat that is 8.5x12. So it will fit a standard A2 piece of paper. That works for me. I rarely cut anything in 12x12 but I don't like cutting down paper to fit on a mat. I think I will have to look into getting this machine. I know I will have to save up for it. The pictures on the pdf look great.

  6. I think this is a major missed opportunity by Silhouette America. The machine needed to be 12x12 to get me to even consider an upgrade. Happy I don't need to.

  7. I would have bought it in a second if it was 12x12. What missed opportunity for them!

  8. I initially thought I wouldn't like the Curio if it wasn't 12x12, too. But when I really thought about it, I realized I would very rarely if ever want to emboss, etch or stiple anything that large and I could just continue to cut and sketch larger items with my Cameo. I am curious about why they designed this as a smaller machine. I will be waiting to see if I can get a bundle with the larger size mats.

  9. Gah! I agree about the 12x12 size... However, I really want to be able to emboss and such, so... I will probably have to have it, but it certainly won't replace my Cameo!
    Also- I bought the Lettering Delights subscription and I'm DYING for the new site to launch! Just had to share with someone who'd understand!

  10. I wish the Curio would have the same capabilities of the Cricut Explore, but I guess I have to look at it kind of as an embellishment machine, 'cause I'm definitely not going over to the dark side.
    Could someone please explain how the Pomrie and Mint work after you ink and blot 12 times? Do you have to keep inking or does it act like a pre-inked stamp after that initial inking?
    Also, I'm with Kat. What is up with Lettering Delights?

  11. I am so hyped about this new machine*excited*.. I only started using the silhouette machine in June and I am so addicted! I couldn't afford the cameo as im in the UK and prices are way high here, so I settled for the portrait and i adore it ♥ So last month I bit the bullet and bought the new cameo 2 *cries* I had it 4 days and returned it! I so hated it , the mat went all over the place *made sure it was locked, program updated etc* cuts where awful blah blah you hear it alot. So I am going to purchase the Curio hoping it will be as as solid and sturdy as the portrait has been, but with more exciting features :) x

  12. I am thinking the Curio is an add on machine to work along side the Cameo, not instead of. I was all for it until I read deeper and saw the sizes... yeah no, I upgraded from the portrait to the cameo after 3 months because of the small size and tired of cutting my paper down. Not happening again, I at this time do not have a need for the Curio.

  13. I agree with LeeAnn, I don't think that the Curio is made to replace the Cameo as well. Silhouette America has also stated that as well. I guess if you get it, you're mainly getting it for the new features.. not to replace the old one. More than likely, I'll get it and place it next to my Cameo <3

  14. I guess I'm thinking differently than all of you about the size needing to be larger. I'd be using this machine for add-ons onto my cards so I'd only need a small surface to create embossed items, etc. Am I completely missing the boat on this? :-)