Saturday, January 10, 2015

Backup your files before installing the latest Silhouette Studio update!

For those of you who follows this blog via email, please note that I have updated my post re: Silhouette Studio v3.3.437 with more information. I have learned from my Facebook readers that folks are having trouble with their software after they have installed the latest update. Some are also experiencing a loss of files in their Library. If you decide to install Silhouette Studio v3.3.437, please backup your files before the installation.

Please click HERE to see my updated post.


  1. Thanks for the info. I am only updated to v3. Have been afraid to update anymore as I am not very computer savvy. How do you backup your files? Or should I just wait til bugs are fixed?

  2. Always a good idea to backup, but I didn't have any problems installing this patch/upgrade (no files were lost in my library). I'll keep you posted if I see anything odd, but initial project after install went fine.


  3. No problems with the upgrade for me! whew!

  4. No problems for me on my Mac either.