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Friday, May 23, 2014

Silhouette Studio: "No-Cut" zone versus "No-Print" zone

I love it when I learn something new, and especially when the info came from you guys. While working on my mini-notecard tutorial, I found out that I could print-and-cut in the shaded area of the virtual mat. I had always thought that it was a no-cut zone! I was so excited that I posted about it on my Facebook page. It turned out that some of you already knew that and even shared your tips on my page.

From y'all, I learned that printing within the shaded area is discouraged because it can confuse the machine when it tries to scan for the registration marks. This may result in an inaccurate print-and-cut.

The area defined by the red outline is where the machine will cut. Anything that is positioned outside of that rectangle will not be cut out by the Silhouette cutter.

If you'd like to to see my Facebook post and the tips that were posted by my Facebook readers, please click HERE to read that thread.

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  1. What a great tutorial, I'd always wondered what people used the registration marks for, but as a quilter, you could use this to help with fussy cutting, or setting up areas where'd we would place specific fabrics and such also, or if your trying to avoid a part of your mat that might be worn.. Thank you.. Love this tip.