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Friday, May 30, 2014

Jin's Favorite Cut Its (SVG)

"I am new to lettering delights...
do you have some favorite sets to recommend a newbie?" 
-Andrea, on the UACT FB page, May 22. 

I try to answer questions on my Facebook page as quickly as I can but I had the hardest time getting a satisfactory reply to Andrea. Surely it can't be that hard to highlight a few of my favorite Cut Its? That's what I thought until I went to the LD site and realized that almost every LD set is a personal favorite. Yikes!

I have tried my hardest to trim my list of must-haves. In the end, I decided that it is only fair to highlight a set from which I have used to make something before. Bear in mind that this is NOT a list of all the sets that I have ever used. At the time of this post, I have already completed about 600 projects with LD's art.  I have tested and played with A LOT of LD files. If I should list all the files that I have ever used, it would certainly take up more room than one blog post!

The files that made the list below are those which I have enjoyed cutting. I have also used some of these files very often. I deliberately left a few of my favorite sets out because I prefer using the graphics version. The list below includes the LD Cut Its (SVG) cutting files only. If I really like the designs in the Cut Its, I usually end up getting the graphics too because the latter may work and look better in a print-and-cut project. For example, the EEIEEIO graphic set looks better in a print-and-cut project than the Cut Its (see my project HERE). If there is a Cut It set that you like a lot, I would encourage you to consider getting the graphics version too while it is on sale. Graphics are only $1/set during the LD sale.

Eeieeio graphic set

The Cut It cutting files below are listed in no particular order of preference:

Jin's Favorite Cut Its:
1. Jin's bundle (because I handpicked every set! ;) )
Tip: It is cheaper to buy the sets separately during the LD $1-2 sale
Nancy's Buddies Cut Its

2. everything designed by Nancy Kubo
3. everything designed by Patricia Zapata
4. all the Simple Shapes  (Seriously! Simple Shapes are so useful and so easy to cut!)
 Tip: Get the bundles when they go on sale.

5. all the Disney-inspired sets (Ice Princess, Happily Ever After, Once Upon a Time, More Happily Ever After, Villians and Sidekicks)

6. all the sets from the Kawaii-a-bunga Bundle of Cut Sets
7. all the Fairy Tale designs (Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood) 
8. all the "Fishy" sets - Something Fishy, School of Fish, Birthday Fishes

9. any of the "photobooth" sets- e.g. Lip Smackers, Mustache, Hat Hoopla, Masquerade Masks, Holiday Hats, Spectator Specs, Hop Hop Hooray Photo Props
10. Pet Shop Stop
11. Hooked on You
Puddle Jumping

12. Puddle Jumping
13. Cupcake Crates
14. Apple On A Stick
15. Milk Cartons
King of the Grill Projects

16. King of the Grill Projects
17. Chicken Fat Alley Cat
Love You a Latte

18. Love You a Latte
19. Zander Plays
20. Playtime
Japanese Yorokobi 

21. Japanese Yorokobi 
22. Great Scott It's Love 
Curiouser and Curiouser 
23. Curiouser and Curiouser
24. Animal Boxes and Bags
25. Dear Tooth Fairy
Kawaii Kalendar Cut Its

26. Kawaii Kalendar
27. Pretty Pops

Baby Got Backpack

28. Baby Got Backpack
29. Sweet Nothings
30. Chinese Xingfu
Bleu Basil

31. Bleu Basil
32. Peep Squeakers
33. Slumber Party
34. Bugaboo
35. Frankly Friends
36. Owl Goes Hoo and Ghost Goes Boo Cut Its
37. Christmas Express 
38. Season's Tweetings

The LD $1-2 sale ends soon and this is the best time to build or add to your collection of cutting files Use a coupon and take advantage of the discounts that LD offers in addition to the sale. You can use MAYDAY to take 25% off ($10 min purchase) or MAYDAY40 take 40% off ($50 min purchase).


  1. Thanks for the recommendations, Jin!

  2. Your projects are just always so perfect, the pictures are perfect and i love them all
    Deb C

  3. I have had a blast looking through all of your favorites!! Lots on my wish list, I will be looking it over tomorrow to narrow down for now. I did, however, find another amazing deal...the Basic Tiles set which has 100 tiles & is usually $20 is $1! What is the difference between tiles & paper packs? Do you have a post about them?
    The Apple Basket Teacher