Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Silhouette free shape-of-the-week comes with a "price".

UPDATE: (april 23, 10am PST)

Silhouette America has fixed the file and it can be opened in Silhouette Studio v2 again. Please click HERE to see the how-to.


Silhouette America gives away a free shape every Tuesday and this week was no exception.

Their "3D Tulips" is really cute but if you had downloaded it to your Silhouette Studio software, you may find yourself being asked to update to the infamous version 3 when you try to open it.

"The file you are attempting to access requires you to update your software."

Really? Did Silhouette America forget about the complaints that we had emailed/Facebooked/called in about?  Sure, v3.0.343 fixes many of the bugs of the original version 3 (see my mini-review of v3 HERE and v3.0.343 HERE) but it is still buggy and not good enough. Many of us have installed the update(s) only to uninstall it as it simply could not compare to the easy-to-use version 2.  Frankly, I am surprised that they would try to force the update on us!

I have always appreciated how Silhouette America listens and responds to their customers' concerns so for now I am pretending that this was a glitch though I can't help but wonder- is this a sign of things to come? Going forward, will we begin to see the Silhouette Online Store offer shapes that can only be opened in version 3 or later? If so, I really hope that they would indicate on the item description that the file cannot be used in earlier versions of the software. Then again, I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that they would fix all the bugs of version 3 soon so that we can all update our software with confidence. There are some nice features in the new software that I'd really like to use but until they get the program fixed, I'm sticking with version 2.

With or without their freebie.


  1. I managed to get the free shape before that message came up, one advantage of living in a different time zone. I'd have gone without the freebie, rather than updating to the new version, I'll stick with what works until the last possible moment thanks.

  2. I totally agree Jin. I have no plans to update to the new version until I am sure that ALL the bugs have been fixed and it works perfectly. I expressed my displeasure on Silhouette's Facebook wall about this; hope more people do the same :)

  3. Here here, I absolutely agree.

  4. I'm still in V2 and cannot see any new files for the week either. I HAVE to update to view and spend my credits! Just so wrong.

  5. I opened the Silhouette online store in my computer's browser and got the free shape that way. I opened my Silhouette studio software and chose "download pending orders" and was able to download the shape with no problems. I have not tried to open the shape yet and I haven't installed the recent software updates. I'm still on the old version (the one right before the last two recent updates). Maybe Silhouette has fixed this issue or maybe downloading through your browser is a workaround.

  6. Jin, I absolutely agree with everything you said. I sent Silhouette a email earlier this morning with the same message. I hate V3 and will not use it. I told them I will not renew my monthly subscription when it's up in 2 months if they force me to upgrade to the new software. And I will stop buying anything from the store. Sure hope they listen to their customers complaints as they have in the past.

  7. The file has been fixed! I just re-downloaded it and I can now open it in version 2. Click HERE to see the how-to. :-)