Wednesday, April 23, 2014

FIXED! Silhouette's free shape of the week.

This is an update to my previous post regarding the Silhouette's free shape of the week and how an upgrade to Silhouette Studio version 3 is required before it can be opened.

Silhouette America has fixed the file and the 3d tulips can now be opened in version 2. The following how-to came from Facebook reader, Deborah Denise Burke. Thanks, Deborah!.

"We are sorry for the concern. This was an unintentional error. We are working to correct the file now so that it can be re-downloaded anew and opened properly in any version. Please do the following later this afternoon once we’ve had the opportunity to provide a corrected file: 
1. Open the Silhouette Studio® program 
2. Open the Library 
3. Locate the image(s) in question 
4. Right-click on any in question and delete them (one at a time if there are multiple images in question) 
5. Empty the Library's Recycle Bin by right-clicking on the Recycle Bin and opting to empty it 
6. Go to the Silhouette Online Store 
7. Go to the my account link 
8. Go to the Recover All Downloaded Designs option 
9. Enter your account password and click on the Submit button "

I deleted my file, re-downloaded, and opened it without any issue with Silhouette Studio v.2.8.16d (the version that I'm currently). However, the redownload was counted towards my limit so I'm going to contact Silhouette to reset the download limit.

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