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Monday, January 27, 2014

My heart BEEPS for you {plus tips on Jin's Faux print-and-cut method}

I was really bummed when LD retired the Animal Boxes and Bags SVG set last year. Soon after they introduced their Cut Its, LD retired their entire line of SVGs. Their reason was that SVGs come only in the .svg format whereas Cut Its come in several different formats including SVGs. LD thought that the latter would give the customer a better value. I love the Animal Boxes and Bags and I was hoping that they would replace it with the Cut Its version instead of removing it from the store altogether. But alas! They took it off their site and didn't put it back.

I recently received some messages from my readers asking about this set so I approached LD and requested that they bring it back. I was delighted when they agreed to revive it in the form of a Cut Its! YAY!

For today's project, I used the robot file from the Animal Boxes and Bags Cut Its. Instead of using it to make a box or a bag, I made a shaped card out of it .

I didn't want to use the usual print-and-cut (with registration marks) method to, well, print-and-cut the sentiment so I did what I call the Faux Print-and-Cut (or Cut-then-Print Over?) method. This is because I was only printing a few of the greeting and using the usual print-and-cut method would waste paper.

I had mentioned this method in a post from a long time ago. Basically, I print the text on printer paper, overlay the cutouts on it, and re-feed that printed page back into the printer to print the text on the cut outs. This was a good method to use before I discover the Silhouette machines and their print-and-cut capabilities. I still use this method sometimes when I only need only a piece or two of a printed cutout.

CAUTION: When using this method, especially with relatively small cutouts, be sure that the cutouts stick well onto the printed paper. Otherwise, it may fall off inside the printer and jam it.

By the way, I also modified one of the layers of the robot. This is a personal preference and is totally optional.

If you do not already own the Animal Boxes and Bags Cut Its, get it now while it is on sale. The regular price of this set is $7 but during the LD 1-week Dollar Sale, it is only $2.

Click HERE to get yours.

Files used:
Animal Boxes and Bags cut its (svg included)
LDJ Robby Robot font.

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  1. Your robot cards are adorable! Love the googlie eyes. Thanks for the tutorial.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com