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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Showcase

Since many of you who follow this blog do not Facebook, I thought I would share some of the projects that have been posted on my Facebook wall recently.

Holly shared her Trick or Tweet card that was inspired by my project. What a great idea to make a matching envelope and seals to go with it!

Holly Wood says,
"totally stolen from Jin....with a twist. The envelope was made from LD envelope C set, the card copied from Jin's idea and the seals for the back of the envelope were cut from the LD Jack O Patterns set. I use my Zig 2 way for sealing the envelope and then put the seal through my Xyron sticker maker to add some detail and interest to the back (as well as to make the envelope more secure)."

Kate Smith expanded on my Fall card and came up with a whole "Falling for you" set that includes a card, a gift tag, and a bag! I LOVE her Birthday Trio so much I just may have to borrow her idea to make my own.


Erin Baacke shared her project back in August but this is a great idea that many of us will find useful at any time of the year. I especially love that she made her sticker chart and stickers with her daughter. What a creative mom and daughter team!

She says,
"Jin I used all your inspiration to whip up this custom sticker chart and matching stickers for my daughter! She helped design, print, and cut the whole project!!! Thank you for inspiring us!!!"

Sunny Catlin's project may not be LD-related but it was inspired by my buttons! After reading about my button machine, she went and got one and now she's pressing out some great stuff with it! Check out her Mickey buttons and you'll see why I love everything about her project. So cute and so professional!

Sunny says,
"Dear Jin! I got my button machine last week and I have been playing with it non stop! I made this for my friend Wendy - she's obsessed with Mickey Mouse! Thank you for inspiring me to get a button machine!!!"

Thanks Holly, Kate, Erin, and Sunny for sharing your work with us. I enjoy writing tutorials and sharing my ideas with everyone but I really LOVE knowing that my projects have inspired you.

Keep those projects coming! I love seeing what else everyone has come up with.


  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who just had to get a button maker after seeing your adorable buttons! My girls and I have been cranking out LD halloween buttons like mad over here! They each took a bunch to school to pass out to their friends and I even made a couple of non LD ones for my computer geek husband. I don't think my printer or Cameo have been used this much in a long time! Thank you for sharing some really cute projects!

  2. Hello Jin,
    My name is Roxannie. I have a question and a problem. I am making some cards and using the print and cut and also using the sketch pen. The problem is, the lining is off, after I load the printed paper in the silhouette, and use the pen feature it comes out off line. Please help me with this issue, I am very frustrated about having to re aline everything in silhouette studio.

    thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  3. OMG those are the cutest buttons. I am still planning on buying one when I get back from a big haul at Ikea if I have some bucks left! I need a wide format printer too. Does it ever end with what you need to craft a card or a project! Geesh its never ending isn't it!
    Love these!
    Deb C