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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mouthy Monsters Treat Bag

For those of you who are making the LD Mouthy Monsters Treat Bags, I have a couple of tips to share with you that will improve the look and the time required to finish the project.

Here are a few modifications that I made to my treat bag:

Instead of cutting out and layering all the layers together, I simplified the project by printing and cutting the horns. This step not only makes the bag come together faster, it also made the horns look neater and easier to adhere to the bag itself.

The other adjustment that I did was to replace the eyes with googly eyes. This made the bag more fun and interesting to look at.

Lastly, if you had seen the bag on the LD site, you may notice that compared to LD's sample, I had placed the horns facing in the opposite direction. This is just a personal preference and I thought that the bags looked better with the horns facing inwards. If you prefer that the horns face out, feel free to do that way. I won't judge. :-)

Today is the last day to get your Mouthy Monster Treat Bags Cut Its (SVG included) for free. Click HERE to get yours before it goes back to its regular price. Update: The freebie has expired but it is available for purchase HERE (only $2!)

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