Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You're a Q.T. Pie

Another school year is coming to an end. Just two more days and the kids are off to Summer Break. I can hardly believe that I made it through the year!

As I sat in the den on Monday morning, I couldn't help but think of my girls and how much they have grown. They make me laugh all the time with their goofy antics and before I know it, I had started working on a riddle card for them.

Using Silhouette Studio, I imported several different images from my Lettering Delights library. TwinA loves to doodle and that inspired me to use the LD Doodledeedoo on the card. The sketches are so her!

I re-sized and positioned the images, added offsets and gave that a doodling effect by using the sketch tool. Once I was happy with how the elements were laid out, I printed the cards and trimmed them down to size with my rotary cutter.

As I looked at the finished cards, it dawned upon me that I could make flashcards notecards. A little bit of printing and trimming and corner-rounding, and the cards were done. Ha! And just like that, I made 3 cards out of 1 card design! *patting self on the back* 

I showed the girls the card when they got back from school, and while it took them only half a second to solve the riddle, I did get a chuckle out of them. In case you are wondering what the card is all about, well....

...my kids are Q.T. Pies.

Get it? Cutie pies?




Bowl Full of Cherries Cut Its
Zebra Fun and Yellow Sun graphics
DB Doodledeedoo
LDJ Zoodle font
Pop School paper
Squirrel It Away Paper


  1. Beautiful as always Jin! Your blog is such a source of inspiration!