Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A+ Teacher

And so here we are. It's the last day of school. We have been very lucky to get three top-notch teachers this past year, and especially in the twins' 4th Grade classrooms. I have come across and worked with many teachers but Mr W and Mrs L are some of the best (if not THE best) that the kids have had. They are passionate about teaching and it shows through their work. We love how they encourage the children and get them excited about school. They even managed to make homework assignments fun. We love these teachers so much!

The kids have been telling us how much they loved 4th Grade and are even a little sad to leave their teachers. Through the course of all our conversations, it became clear that if there was any rating that these teachers deserve, it had to be nothing short of an A Plus.

Perhaps that is why it was so easy to come up with a card for them. Using Silhouette Studio, I made a hybrid card where I combined print-and-cut with traditional paper-piecing. The card base and the "A +" were cut out from colored cardstock while the card front was print-and-cut.

Even though I could have printed a greeting inside the cards, the girls wrote their own (long) thank yous instead. It has been a great year and we are grateful for these teachers. I hope that they know just how awesome they are.

Like A+ awesome.

LD Mischievous font
Squirrel It Away Paper Pack 
KG Primary Dots Lined font

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