Monday, June 24, 2013

Free Thin Font!

Have you ever wanted to buy the LD Thin Fonts but did not know if they will work with your machine? Here is your chance to try one out for free.

The LD Thin Fonts were originally developed for use with Make-the-Cut (see detailed post HERE). They were to be used with the personal electronic die-cutter via a pen and a pen attachment. However, each Thin Font set includes both an .opf and a .ttf file and the latter can be used with any software or programs that work with True Type Fonts. If you are using Silhouette Studio (free version or the upgrade), you can use the Thin Font by installing the .ttf file like you would when you use any other True Type Font with the program.

You will get the best results when you use the Thin Fonts with Make-the-Cut because the software is able to produce a true single-line cutting path with the .opf format. Depending on the typeface, you may get mixed results with the Silhouette Studio program because the software is unable to process the single line font. Using the .ttf file will produce a faux single path, where the outline that make up each letter is so thin, it looks like a single cutting line but is really still a "bubble".

More information on the Thin Fonts can be found HERE. Amy Chomas of Chomas Creations has also used the Thin Fonts with Silhouette Studio and you can see her example HERE.

To try out a free Thin Font with your machine, click HERE to go to the LD site. Add the free Giddy Thin Font to your cart and checkout. You pay $0!

Next, download and unzip the file. If you do not have Make-the-Cut, install the .ttf version onto your computer and use the font like you would any other True Type Fonts. If you like the way it works, click HERE to check out all the other Thin Fonts that are available on the LD website. Don't forget to use the 1-day-only coupon manic40 to take 40% off a $10 purchase. The coupon will expire tomorrow but the free Giddy Thin Font will be available until July 1.


  1. Thanks for this information, just love all the information you share with us.

    Regards, Leny

  2. Thank you. I ♥ the Thin Fonts!