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Monday, May 6, 2013

for the Best Teachers ever.

It's Teacher's Appreciation Week and I'm a slacker mom. :P

I have been basking in the sun since it showed up late last week. So much so that I forgot all about the kids' teachers.

Monday morning came and all of a sudden, I realized that I have gift cards but no card card to give away with. Oopsie...

The girls left for school assuring me that they will make the cards for the teachers themselves when they return. "For sure!"

Uhh....huh. Riiiight.

'think I'd better get some backups done. You know, just in case.

LD released the Playtime graphic set without releasing the Cut Its version and even though they posted on Facebook that it's coming, I've not seen it yet. That wasn't going to stop me from using the image that I want though. Armed with my MTC and Sil Studio, I decided to print-and-cut the card out.

Tracing the image was a breeze until I realize that SSDE cannot "see" the white sock. So I ended up using Make-the-Cut to trace the image and SSDE to print-and-cut it out. Thank goodness for MTC's Alpha-Tracing. It worked perfectly!

It's Monday night and the kiddos are fast asleep. Guess who watched TV and went outside to play, and didn't make cards for their teachers like they said they would?

And guess who has 3 gift cards and 3 crazy cute cards ready-made for them?


Files used:
Playtime Graphics
Spectator Specs SVG (Last day to buy this! It is being clearanced out in the LD $1 SVG sale!)
DB Doodledeedoo (free this month!)
Squirrel It Away Paper Pack
LD Manish Print font 


  1. These are adorable! And, it is funny that I really love the font in your card, but when I looked it up at LD I can see why I've never bought it. I hate the 'b' and my eyes keep going back to that one letter and missing the rest of a really great font :)

    1. I know what you mean! I've never used this font until this card either and now I love it. A lot! :)

  2. Oh Jin, those are just too cute! Love the lined paper and the doodlebats you used too.

    1. Thanks Julieta! The doodlebats is free this month. Don't forget to grab it from LD. :)

  3. Super cute Jin. I had totally forgotten about the lined paper in the Squirrel paper set. I spent forever looking for one the other night. It just didn't come up in my search at LD. And the doodles are super cute. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Oh Jin...what would I do without you! I did not realize that there would be times that the SSDE would not trace everything like the sock for instance. I am now considering getting the Make the Cut for the future but I have no idea how you did the alpha-tracing...Seriously, if it wasn't for your fabulous tutorials for the silhouette cameo, I would not be able to do any of the things I do! You are my teacher in all things silhouette.:) Would you please consider doing some tutorials on how you did the alpha-tracing in Make the Cut and then used the SSDE to do the print and cut (which is my favorite feature)? Thank you so much for all you do for us! I depend on you to keep me posted on all things LD as well! Love you girl! YOU ARE THE BEST!

  5. Just thought I'd second what Sybil said. I just got a Cameo and I already have MTC and I would love to know how you got the traced image from MTC to work with SSDE. It's great that you can combine the strengths of each program to get the desired result! And thanks for the many tutorials you've done. I'm learning a lot about using Silhouette studio. And of course I love your card!

  6. Yes pleas make more tutorials, I have learned so much from you! Super cute cards by the way! So Jin, is there a way to import a picture like from a coloring book or whatever into SSDE and turn it into a studio file?

  7. keep the tutorial coming .I am new and learning