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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Surprise Freebie! (expired)

UPDATE: Sorry folks, it seems like the offer has expired and the price has been reinstated to $3. However, the free Baby Bunny is still available. Click HERE for the details.


Thanks to Crafty Tami for bringing this up on my Facebook Page! There is a free Chicksters and Hopsters paper pack on the LD site! Click HERE to get it.


  1. Must have been a $3.

  2. Yeah! That was super fast! :/

  3. Yeah, not free for me, either.

  4. You're right, girls. The price has gone back to $3. I'm sorry you missed it. :(

  5. That's frustrating! :(

    I was driving and saw that it was the time I parked to complete my order, the price had gone up to $3!!!