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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Freebie + new Sheri McCulley design!

The new Sheri McCulley's Chicksters and Hopsters are live on the LD site! There are 10 files in the collection and here is a sampling. Click HERE to go to the LD site to check out the rest!

Also, LD is currently conducting a short survey on their site and they are giving away a file to everyone who completes it. There are only 5 questions in the survey. Once you have finished answering all 5 questions, you will be able to download the free Baby Bunny Cut It (SVGs) and Graphic Sets.

The SVGs include these designs:
and the graphic sets include these in the .png format:

Click HERE to do the survey (must sign into your LD account first) and to get your Baby Bunny.


  1. Thank you for bringing this freebie to our attention! I follow your blog and tutorials closely and have truly learned everything I know about MTC and SSDE from you. I work a FT+ job and don't have much time to sit down to figure things out by the time I get home so you are my most valuable resource!! Many, many thanks!!

  2. Hope everyone notices that the Hopsters Cool Papers are also 0.00. This is the funniest, coolest easter set ever.