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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jin & kids' Craft Room

When I posted a picture of my new chair to my Facebook page earlier this month, I was in the midst of re-organizing the craft room that the kids and I share. The first time that I posted about this room was back in 2011 when I was clearing out the stuff I don't use. Besides being more cluttered now, the room hasn't changed much. The way that it is setup has remained the same but my kids are older and their interests are different. It is time to clean out the room again.

This was how the room looked like back in 2011. Click here if you would like to see that post.

This is how the room looked like when I was still re-organizing and had temporarily moved the kids' table out:

As you can see, I haven't changed the setup at all but I replaced the fabric bins and the rug. The red bins contain mostly the kids' craft supplies while the ones on the right were assigned two to a kid so that they have their own storage space.

I purchased the rug in February while the chair was bought in the beginning of March.

I store all my twine in a little metal cabinet that I bought last year from the World Market. It was on sale for about $20. Not sure if they still sell it in the store but I love how the rolls of twine fit just right inside. The wire cage next to it was also purchased last year but from Target. I keep some of my cards in there but the best part is that I got it on clearance for less than 10 bucks!

When hubby came back from his business trip to Asia last Dec, he came back with a big box of washi tape for me. I managed to shove most of them into a drawer under my desk and the leftovers went into this metal basket.

I have another set of CloseMaid Cubeicals on the other side of the room and sitting on top of it are 3 of these ArtBin drawer cabinet with 30-drawers each. I keep almost all of my embellishments inside. I love that the drawers are transparent so that I can see what I store in them and for those things that are flat, I prefer to stick them on the outside of the drawers to easily locate them.

I keep my ATG tape gun in a flatware caddy with my corner rounder, heat gun, crimper, and glue gun. I store my crop-a-dile in there too. This caddy fits right inside one of the cubbies in the Cubeical.

The kids are very into Ugly Dolls these days and have been painting portraits of their monsters. Panda Girl painted the teddy bear in one of her after-school art classes.

Here's the craft room again with the kids' table in place. Let the mess crafting begin!


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  2. Woooow Jin, you are so my hero! I want to live in a room like that......can I squeeze into one of those cubes???

  3. Wow, I love your room! I would love to set up something like this in our office for our kids to craft in! I see your daughters have the artistic hand like their mommy! :)
    BTW - Where did you find the giant scissors and paint set?

  4. Your craft room is just out of this it

  5. This is awesome, Jin! Thanks for sharing all the details! I could only wish for such a wonderfully-organized space for crafting!

  6. This is amazing!! My girls and I would LOVE to have a space like this!! All the colors are so cheery and I really love all the natural light you get in there! AWESOME!

  7. I LOVE your room! If only mine could be so organized! Your room looks refreshing, like it would be a nice place to go, mine is a disaster and sometimes I don't want to be in there! Guess I'd better get to work cleaning it out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Wow Jin, this is an amazing room, I'm sure you are so happy every time you go crafting. If you would like at lodger at any stage just give me a shout, I will of course pay, lol.

    Happy crafting.

    Michelle x

  9. What a fantastic room for all of you to be creative.

  10. What a joy to know where all the crafting supplies are~I'm inspired. Thank you.