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Thursday, September 6, 2012

time goes by so slowly...

Day 2 of school has come and gone. Everyone seems to have easily stepped into the rhythm of the school day but I am struggling.

Day 1 was hard but I managed. Hubby went to work late so he could hang out with me in school for a little while. We spent the first hour and a half helping out Panda Girl's teacher before he had to drive me back and go to the office. I thought that catching up on my emails and Facebook messages would make the time go fast but when I looked up at the clock, it was still only 10:10 am. I miss my girls...

R called me this morning. We met 6 years ago when our girls went to preschool together and I adore her. She's a funny lady who "gets" me and if anyone knows that I needed someone to talk to today, it was her. Afterall, the very first time that we spoke to each other was back on that first day of preschool. She was crying in her car and I had walked up to ask if she was okay.

We chatted for a whole 55 mins before her 4 year old got impatient. It was time to play "Go Fish!". R had to go but not before offering to meet me for lunch next week when her son goes to preschool.

We hung up and I looked up at the clock. It was still only 11:55am. That's 3 hours before I get to bring the girls home. I've already tidied up the house and done 2 loads of laundry. Perhaps I should make a card for R so she doesn't forget about our lunch date. (Yes, I'm feeling that needy).

I had intended to print-and-cut but I ended up paper-piecing the clock anyway. I did print out the sentiment but trimmed the card front with my paper trimmer instead of using print-and-cut. Our lunch date is at 1pm so I modified the clock hands to reflect that. I used glue and foam tape to layer the clock and an Action Wobble to attach it to the card. I think R will get a chuckle when she sees the clock shaking.

Everyone I've spoken to says that I'll get used to having all that alone time really soon. But then again when the kids were babies, I was also told that it'll get easier. It hasn't and I don't know if I can ever get used to this feeling of utter loneliness.

LD Files used:
Rise and Shine SVG (clock)
LD Cotton Candy (font)


  1. Cute! I love the wobble action!

  2. I'm 69 and I still miss my girls when I leave them. Your card is adorable and I love the it moves. Fabulous.

  3. I love the card. But I can tell you I LOVE my free time now that my kids are grown. Yes I do miss them and want to see them often, but have them home. Nope sorry call me selfish if u want to but thats ok. I love it.
    And I love that u put the clock on a wobble. So cute.

  4. :::hugs::: I can't even imagine Jin, it sound blissful in theory (since I homeschool the only time I've ever been away from my 8yr old for more then an hour or two was when I was in the hospital having her 2yr old sister)... I anxiously await their bedtimes everyday, but I think I'd go crazy if they were gone during the day. Your card is adorable and I'm so glad you have a friend to spend some time with, I think several crafty shopping sprees together are in order... and if she's not the crafty type then you can make her into it LOL

  5. I understand Jin. I only have one girly and she's going to graduate from high school next year. I'm already feeling the loneliness of when she is going off to college, so I started back to school just in the last two weeks so that when she's gone I have something to do!

  6. I think lots of us have been through that. I thought it be wonderful to be home by myself, but it seemed that I mostly just watched the clock waiting for my kids to get home. Wasn't into papercrafting in those days! Good luck! It does get easier...

  7. I know what you are feeling. As a recent "empty nester" whose husband works out of town several days a week, I am swimming in loneliness. I long for the busyness, joy and laughter that having kids in the house brings. I am trying to involve myself in projects around the house. Something new and exciting. The good news for you is that they are coming home after school, and you can enjoy all the chatter and excitement that girls bring in telling about the events of their day!

  8. Awwww Jin... I am sorry you are feeling so lonely, it makes me sad. :( I hope you will soon come to enjoy a little quiet time. I find that time goes WAY to quickly for me during the day, but I think that is because I need to learn how to better organize my time. :0 I miss my girls' too during the day, but I do enjoy some free time.

  9. Awww, BIG BIG hugs Jin about missing your 3 girls. I know it's hard that they are gone all day. I ended up helping out in my daughters' elementary school...I was the "Popcorn Lady" because every Friday morning after the morning announcements, I would start popping popcorn for the afternoon PTA sales of it. 25¢ a bag (we're talking mid 1990's!) and talk about making a *LOT* of friends--oh, I mean, MOOCHERS! LOL!

    Love your card!! I'm sure your friend will love it just as much.

  10. I'm with my kids almost 24/7 but on the odd day they have to go somewhere for more than an hour or two, I feel the same way. You'd think I'd be relieved. Big hugs-it'll get easier.

  11. Dear Jin,
    I do know how you must be feeling!I am now 67 yrs old.Miss my family so much too! I was a single parent for many years and haven't had the companionship of anyone close for years and i do miss it so badly !Have tried to get on with my life honest! But nowadays i have become even more lonely i wonder if it will ever change and why we are still here? But i know i shouldn't feel like this? However it is soo hard when you are older and you cannot see the/a future anymore.
    I would just love someone to craft with and to chat to!
    So if any of your followers want an email pal i am here!
    Take care Jin. You do have your daughters coming in at night? Don't you? Also a husband? Money to live on?
    So really you are in a good place honestly you are. Your daughters need you so much and love you so much. So i reckon your very very lucky. Go buy yourself a treat. Maybe a bunch of beautiful flowers etc? Because you are so worth it. Love Mary x