Thursday, June 14, 2012

NEW! LD Thin Fonts, Alphabets and Patricia's Honeycomb Party

There are new goodies on the Lettering Delights website!

Firstly, there are 30 new Thin Fonts:

These new Thin Fonts are available in 3 bundles. Unlike regular fonts, Thin Fonts are made up of a single-line. That makes them ideal for writing with your electronic cutter (with pen and pen holder attachment). Each Thin Font set comes with an .opf file and a .ttf file. The Thin Fonts were developed for use with Make-the-Cut. You will get a true single-line when you use the .opf format with the program so that you can make rhinestone templates with it. If you do not have Make-the-Cut, you can also use the included .ttf format with most cutting software, like Silhouette Studio. TTF fonts are not single-line so while you can't use them to make rhinestone templates, you can still use the Thin Fonts for writing with your electronic cutter to get the single-line look because the letters are made to look skinny.

For more information on how to use Thin Fonts, please click HERE.

Lettering Delights also released 8 new alphabets this morning:

Alphabets are graphics and are best for using as titles or for your print-and-cut projects. Since they are included in the Dollar Sale, you can get them for only $1 each now! Click HERE to get them before the sale expires next Monday and the price for each set goes back to $4.

I love Patricia Zapata's designs and I was thrilled to see her Honeycomb collection on the LD site:

Do they look cool or what?! Definitely a must-have if you are a fan of Patricia. Click HERE to get your Sweet Honeycomb Party or Honeycomb Box Cut Its (SVGs).

p.s. Some of you have asked me about coupons recently. Currently, there are no active LD coupon codes that I know of. HOWEVER, if you have made a recent purchase on the LD site, check your confirmation email. You may find a 25% off coupon code inside. Btw, "buying" a freebie from the site counts. If you "bought" last Friday's freebie, or the freebie-of-the-month, check your email for the coupon.

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