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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh lookie! New Sets on the LD site!

It's the last day of May! You know what that means? New monthly freebies and half-priced sneak peeks (those that are available at checkout) are coming! Woohoo!

Speaking of new, have y'all been to the LD site lately? There's a new Rag Doll Collection! And the best part? It's currently half-price!

Also, I've seen that new Thin Fonts are coming! To those of you who have asked for a less-cutesy style of Thin Fonts, you will be happy to know that the new fonts are not cutesy at all. I can't wait to show you what they look like! Anyway, keep checking back here or on the LD site. I'll let you know when the new stuff are available.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

iFLEW! Wheeee...........!!

***This is the occasional non-papercrafting post. With Summer around the corner, you may be seeing more of such "off-topic" posts. These posts have nothing to do with Lettering Delights, or Make-the-Cut, or the Silhouette cutters but I hope that you have fun reading them anyway.***

Hubby took the day after Memorial Day off work. The kids also had an extra day off school due to a Teacher's work day, and so I thought we'd be spending the day relaxing. It had been a busy weekend and I was looking forward to taking it slowly. Instead Hubby dragged us out of the house and into the minivan.

At 9:30 a.m. :-(

We are usually up and about sending the kids to their extra-curricular activities and we relish every moment that we get to hang out doing nothing at home. So it was very unusual for the Hubster to get us all out of the house early on a day when we had nothing planned. While I was annoyed, I was somewhat amused that he was taking so much effort to keep the destination a secret. In fact, he was pretty much full of himself when none of us could figure out what he was up to until he pulled into the parking lot of....

While the name "iFLY" may lead one to think of a robotic bug, it is not a kid's toy. The iFLY is an indoor skydiving facility. We had driven past the iFLY Seattle building several times before and I had casually remarked that it would be fun to go skydiving. I suppose Hubby thought it was a good time to have some Fun.

The kids looking into the tunnel that we were going to fly in.

Once Hubby has set his mind on something, there was no way to talk him out of it, so we all went along for the ride, or in this case, the flight. Check-in was an hour before our flight and that gave us ample time to deal with all the waivers that we had to fill in. As there was a group of skydivers who were there to practice their tricks, we all got a treat watching them do their stuff. It wasn't long before we were called into the instruction room to get our pre-flight training. A 4-minute instructional video, and a lesson on the 5 important hand signals later, we were all ready to change into our suits and fly!

Hubby was up first
and here's Twin A

Twin B had a blast

as did my little Panda Girl

and then there's me! Wheeeee........!

We each got to fly twice, except for Twin A, who asked to fly for a third time. We all had so much fun we were a little sad when it was over. A little boy in our group who didn't get to take his 4th flight got mad and threw a fit. I think he might even have cried a little.

This was truly one of the best experiences that we've had (the kids rank it 2nd best after our Disney Cruise!) and I absolutely loved that we could do this as a family. We all had such a blast, we can't wait to do it again. 

Thank you, Hubby! **big KISS!**

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LD $2 Tuesday: Jumble Podge Fonts Bundle (reg. $6)

It's been a looooong weekend for me. Hubby took a couple of days off work and the kids don't have to go to school until Wednesday so I've been spending all that time hanging out with my family. 

Hence no new blog posts. :-P

I've received a lot of questions about the Happily Ever After project and I am really sorry that I have not been able to find time to reply. I'll work my way through your questions as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for your patience!

In case anyone missed it on Facebook, here's LD's offer for Tuesday:

To get your $2 Jumble Podge Fonts bundle, just click here or the image above to go to the LD site. Add it to your cart and check out. You pay only $2 for both fonts! By the way, the coupon CIRCUSFUN still works for a $5 discount off a $20 purchase on the LD site. Just sayin'. *wink*

Click HERE to go to LD now. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happily Ever After and Once Upon a Time

Every so often, I'd come across an LD set that doesn't need words to show off its magnificence. This morning Lettering Delights released two such collections. The new Happily Ever After and Once Upon A Time are so beautiful there really is no need for my idle chatter. Instead, let me share some pictures to show you what a nice job LD has done with these SVGs.



See what I mean? No words. There are no words good enough to show you how easy it is to layer these cut outs, and how pretty the assembled pieces look. Grab your Happily Ever After and Once Upon a Time Cut Sets, and see how amazing these cut files are.

p.s. Use the coupon CIRCUSFUN to take $5 off a $20 purchase.(expired)

LD Friday Freebie: See You Later Alligator Bag Topper

Click HERE or the image above to go to the LD site. Add the freebie to your cart and check out. You pay $0!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You're on a ROLL!

It's funny where and when inspiration strikes. Living in a house with 3 joke-loving kids kinda makes you look for the humor in what people say. Perhaps it is because I have been hearing a lot of jokes lately from the girls ("Mom! Why did the chicken go to the playground? To get to the other slide!") that when I saw Carmen's comment on my Facebook, I was inspired.

"You're on a roll!" heehee. I did have sushi on my mind that day when Carmen posted. After all, I had been looking forward to a trip to our favorite Japanese restaurant that weekend. It is a good thing too, that Lettering Delights has exactly what I needed to make this card.

Using the Bento Box SVG set, I imported the makizushi and chopsticks into Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (SSDE). I modified the layers slightly so that the "rice" sits inside the roll instead of above it (Thanks for the idea, Hubby!). The Scrap Samurai font was used for the sentiment while the Kanji for "Sushi" came from this site. I changed the color and added texture to the latter with Photoshop.

This semi-pnc (print-and-cut) card came together quickly once all the layers were cut out. A little bit of printing here and a little bit of cutting there, some foam tape and voila! It's done.

Thanks for the inspiration, Carmen! Hope this card gave all of you a chuckle. If you don't already have the Bento Box SVG set, just click here to get it.

Have a great day, everyone!

Wild Wednesday: LAST CHANCE to grab LD sets for 50 cents each!

Hurry! There was a glitch in LD's system so that the 50 cents clearance didn't show up on their site last night. This is your last chance to get some great sets at dirt cheap prices!

Here are all the links that will bring to the the specific categories of LD products that are being clearanced at 50 cents or even lower. Don't forget that the coupon code CIRCUSFUN will give you an additional $5 discount for any purchase above $20. This clearance sale will end at midnight MST tomorrow so hurry and grab your deals before they are gone forever!

Link to ALL the clearance sets including the bundled deals:

Link to all clearanced/ 50 cents GRAPHIC sets:

A few samples of what's being clearanced:

Link to all clearanced/ 50 cents DOODLEBATS:
All 50 cents Doodlebats 

Here's a sample of the clearanced Doodlebats. Lots more are on the LD site:
Link to all clearanced/ 50 cents FONTS:

Here's a sample of some 50 cents fonts. More clearanced fonts can be found at LD:

Link to all clearanced/ 50 cents ALPHABETS:

Sample of 50 cents Alphabets:

Link to all clearanced/ 50 cents PAPER PACKS:

Here's a sample of clearanced paper. There are a lot more on the LD site:

Link to all clearanced/ 25 cents PRINTABLES:

Pretty Pops!

YAY! Summer is around the corner and I'm so happy that I'm finally posting these Pretty Pops! I've waited since last Fall to share these pictures with you! Are you ready? Let's go!

Lettering Delights released the Pretty Pops Cut Its in late Summer/early Fall last year. I love these Zoku-inspired cut files! I think of my Zoku pops every time I see this set. If you missed my post on the Zoku, please click here to read that article.

There are 15 files in the Pretty Pops Cut Its set, including 12 different popsicle designs. If I told you that I was so amused when I first saw the set that I cut out EVERY popsicle, would you believe me? Yeah, I did. Call me crazy but I cut out everything with Make-the-Cut and my Silhouette cutter as soon as I got my hands on the set.

Layering the popsicles is pretty straightforward although some popsicles are easier to assemble than others.

Generally, those "fruity pops" take a little bit more time to put together than the "non-fruity" ones.

However, they are a lot of fun to make and oh so yummy to look at! Just check these pops out, don't they look delicious?

If you have little ones in the house, be warned that it may be hard to keep those little hands away from these pops. I had a hard time telling my girls to stay away from my popsicles when I was making them. All three of them hovered around my craft table until I promised to give them the finished pops. LOL!

So there you have it, all 12 popsicles together in one picture. Don't they look good enough to eat? Go get your LD Pretty Pops from HERE now!

P.S. The new coupon code "CIRCUSFUN" takes $5 off a $20 purchase on the LD site!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

LD $2 Tuesday: Pretty Pops Cut Its (SVGs)

Look what's on sale for $2! It's the Pretty Pops!

I had cut out all the "Pops" last year when the set was first released but didn't get around to making a full post about them. Instead, I posted a single picture of all the popsicles in my Candied Apples article. I will check the archives and will show y'all more pictures of the finished cut outs in my next post. In the meantime, click HERE to get your $2 Pretty Pops Cut Its (SVGs).

The LD 50 cents Clearance Sale will end tomorrow at midnight MST. Click HERE to grab your 50 cents LD graphics, papers, fonts, or alphabets before the sale is gone.

Monday, May 21, 2012

LD Manic Monday: Bottle Up Bundle $2 (reg. $8)

It's Monday and it has been a crazy one alright. I think I've fixed the newsletter glitch but I will only know for sure when Feedburner sends it out later. I'm really sorry about all the confusion that was caused by the glitch. I have little control over how Feedburner works and in fact,  I have been trying to send this morning's notice to all the email subscribers but I can't find a way to make Feedburner email it before tonight. Grrr...

On a separate note, the Plum District Silhouette Offer is still good. There are about 3 days left to buy a $50 voucher to the Silhouette Store for $30 (and possibly less with a coupon). If you have not taken advantage of the deal, click here to find out more info.

For those of you who did not see today's LD offer on Facebook, here it goes:

Did you know that today is National Waitstaff Day? No? Yeah, me either. Ahhh, the things I learn from Lettering Delights! LOL! Click HERE or the image above to get your Manic Monday deal now.

Important notice to this blog's newsletter subscribers!

If you subscribe to this blog via email, please note:

The newsletter for this blog is sent out by Feedburner. It is automatically generated when I make a post on this blog in a 24-hour cycle. It has come to my attention that there was a glitch in the newsletter generator. If you subscribe to this blog through email, you may have received an outdated newsletter last evening that mentioned a giveaway. Please note that there is currently no active giveaways on this blog or Facebook page. I love giveaways but I do not have one going on right now. 

I am trying to get the Feedburner glitch fixed. In the meantime, in case Feedburner send out any more of my older posts, please check the date of the articles posted in the newsletter to avoid any confusion. Better still, please check the blog for the latest posts.

Thanks for understanding. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused. :-(

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hot Deal Alert! Get $50 worth of Silhouette products for $24!

Here's a great deal for the Silhouette users! Plum District has a great offer going on right now where you can buy a $50 voucher to the Silhouette Store for only $30. If you use the coupon code SLCPLUM20 at the Plum District site, it will take an additional 20% off, thus bringing the price down to $24! Use your voucher to buy mats, blades, vinyl, rhinestones, totes, and even the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition!

CLICK HERE to buy your voucher. 

Once you have made the purchase with my link above, please add your own link to the comments below.  When three people have bought through my link, I will get my voucher for free. When that happens, I will remove my link and point everyone to the comments below. 

UPDATE: Thanks for using my link, Kathy, Elizabeth, and Janet! I have my three purchases so I have removed my link. To buy your voucher, please use the links in the comments below so that the fellow readers of this blog can also get a free voucher. Please post which link you have used after you have made your purchase and don't forget to post your own link which you will get from your purchase confirmation.

Once you get your three purchases and received your credit, please come back and post to let the others know. 

Let's shop and help everyone get a free voucher!



Looks like Kwilt still need one more purchase to earn her credit. Please use her link below to make your purchase.

Kwilt got her credit!  To make your purchase, please use a link below in the comments section. Thanks, everyone!



There are several people who still needs a purchase or two to get their credit, please use their links in the comments below when you buy this deal. Don't forget to add your own link to the thread so that others may buy through yours too.

Also, once you get all three purchases, PLEASE COMMENT below to let us know so that we can keep track of who still need help.


Friday, May 18, 2012

LD Friday Freebie: Mad Scientist Printable.

Today's LD freebie includes a printable page and the reversed image that you can use for iron-on transfers. Click HERE or the image below to get your freebie and then go check out the cool party that Rani had put together for her son using the Mad Scientist Collection. She even shows you how to make your own Mad Scientist Party Invitation in a video tutorial HERE.

Get your Mad Scientist printable by clicking HERE now.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just a note (card)

A few weeks ago my friend, Joy sent me some stamps to play with. I sat down with them today and "just a NOTE" jumped out at me.

I had used the Alouette set for my "Drifting Kite" card earlier this year and the same birds came to my mind when I saw the stamp.

Using the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, I imported the Alouette SVGs onto the virtual mat. I made an offset of the bird and music note together to form the base layer and the resulting card base. The microphone is a partial print-and-cut from the Grown Up Girls Graphic Set while the bottom "grass" came from a Martha Stewart border punch.

Today's project is basically a shaped card. If you have not made one before, just click HERE for a tutorial that will show you the concept of the shaped card.

To get your Alouette SVG (Cut Its), click here or to check out the Grown Up Girls Graphic Set, click here.

To see Joy's collection of rubberstamps, just click here.