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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TUTORIAL: How to use LD's Print-and-Cut files with SILHOUETTE STUDIO

In my previous post I showed you how you can use Lettering Delights' new Print-and-Cut files with Make-the-Cut. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can do the same with the Silhouette Studio program.

Even though I have upgraded and am using the Silhouette Designer Edition (v.2.2.0d), the method demonstrated in this tutorial can also be used with the regular (free) Silhouette Studio program. This is because I will be using GSD files which can be imported by both of the Silhouette programs.

I will also be using the Costume Clubhouse Character print-and-cut set for this tutorial. 

1. Start Silhouette Studio. From the top menu, click on File, then Open.

 2. Locate the Costume Clubhouse Character print-and cut set and open the GSD folder. To view the .gsd files in the GSD folder, don't forget to change the Files of type from the default Silhouette Studio (*.studio) setting to GSD (*.gsd).

3. Select file and click OK to bring the image/cut lines to the mat.

 4. Select all (CTRL+A), and Right-Click, then Group.

5. To bring in the colored graphic on the same page, click on File, Merge.

6. Locate the PNG folder from the same Costume Clubhouse Character print-and-cut set.

7. To view the files in the PNG folder, remember to change the Files of type to PNG (*.png)

8. Select the colored image that correspond to the cut lines from Step 3 and click OK.

9. Click on the Align button and stack the graphic to the cut lines by selecting all (CTRL+A) and Centralize.

10. At this point, all you need to do is resize the image and print-and-cut with your Silhouette SD as shown in my print-and-cut tutorial HERE.

Prepare to print-and-cut by adding the Registration Marks.

I like that the LD Print-and-Cut files speeds up the creative process since they eliminate the need to trace the images. The cut lines are already included. They are particularly useful for when it is difficult to trace an image. For example, it is almost impossible to trace the white ghost or the mummy with the Silhouette Studio program.

In case you missed this info in my previous post, the Patty Cake print-and-cut set is still available for FREE and it is a great chance to try out LD's new product. If you have not already own the set, just click HERE or the image below to go to the Lettering Delights site. Add it to your cart, check out and pay $0.

Happy printing-and-cutting!

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  1. Hi Jin,
    I recently got the silhouette cameo and am trying to do a print and cut. I have a mac computer and am wondering if you could help with a question. I have brought in an image from the sew stichy collection, but when I try to find the png file I cannot find it. Any help?