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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TUTORIAL: How to use LD's Print-and-Cut files with MAKE-THE-CUT

Lettering Delight's new Print-and-Cut files come with both the colored graphic and the corresponding cutting path. Unlike their regular graphic files, there is no need to trace the image to obtain the cut lines. It is already done for you. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use these files with Make-the-Cut (v.4.0.4). The file that I will be using is LD's  Costume Clubhouse Masks print-and-cut set


1. Start Make-the-Cut and Click on the Import SVG button.

2. Locate the SVG folder and import the SVG at 72 DPI and with the Use Actual box checked

3. After the image has been brought to the virtual mat, Right-Click and select Change Color/Texture/Line, followed by Select Texture.

4. Locate the PNG folder of the same set (Costume Clubhouse Masks) and open the graphic that correspond to the SVG already imported to the mat.

5. Make sure that the image is scaled at 100%. Click OK to bring the graphic to the mat.

6. To resize the graphic and its cutting path simultaneously, hold down the SHIFT key and drag one of the corner arrows .

7. After the image has been resized, just print-and-cut as you usually would with your cutter.


Now that you have seen how to use a Lettering Delights print-and-cut file with Make-the-Cut, it is time to practice! :-) Lettering Delights' Patty Cake print-and-cut set is still available for FREE and it is a great opportunity to try out a print-and-cut file. If you do not already own the set, just click HERE or the image below to go to the Lettering Delights site. Add it to your cart, check out and pay $0.

I use a Silhouette SD cutter and I prefer to use these print-and-cut files with the Silhouette Studio program. This is because I find it easier to resize the image to fit within the cutter's cutting zone (registration marks). In my next post I will show you how to use these print-and-cut files with Silhouette Studio.

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