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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your Smile Makes My Day SPARKLE.

Tuesday was a big day for us. My eight year old became the first person in the family to get braces. I was nervous but she was super excited. My little girl had told everyone that she was going to the orthodontist after school. In fact, she has even decided on the color of the ties for the braces.

Little Miss Twin A was quite the trooper. The whole procedure took about an hour and she was really brave even there was obvious discomfort.  However, not long after the braces were put in place, she started complaining. As expected, she became more and more uncomfortable with the foreign object and by nightfall, she was utterly miserable.

After I gave her some medication and tucked her into bed, I thought about what I could do to cheer her up. I can't give her hard candies or even popcorn and as I was wondering what else I could give her, I remembered that she has always enjoyed the cards that I sneak into her lunch bag. And so without further thought, I sat down and started to make her a card. 

Using Make-the-Cut and the Lettering Delights Lip Smackers SVG set, I cut out the layers to make the lips. I added "braces" by using a piece of wire with some flat silver cord that I had bought from Michael's recently. I used the fonts LDJ Hearth and LD This and That to make the sentiment. All layers were cut with my Silhouette SD.

It is going to take a few days for her to get adjusted to her new braces. I am going to think of some other things to make her feel better but I hope that this card will cheer her up, at least for a little bit. 

She chose a rainbow of colors for her ties!


  1. Jin i visit your blog all the time as I just adore your clean crisp style and this is just wonderful!
    Lana x

  2. Aww... I am sure your card made her smile. :) The best part of having braces is the day you get them off! Ha! Just keep reminding her how straight and beautiful her teeth are going to be.

    Ruthie :)

  3. Aww Jin I hope your little one doesn't have too much discomfort from them, but like Ruthie said....the end result will be an absolutely amazing smile. xo

  4. Jin, awesome job! This card make ME smile and I'm sure it'll make your daughter smile too! This brought me back to my brace-face days...


  5. They sure have jazzed up the look of braces over the years!

  6. What a great project! My 13 year old just got her braces on yesterday, so I can sympathize. Just tell your daughter that the results will be soooo worth it! (My oldest got her braces off year or two ago and her teeth are gorgeous!)