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Friday, September 23, 2011

Lettering Delights Sneak Peeks!

Happy 1st Day of Fall! 

There are A LOT of exciting things happening over at Lettering Delights! The folks at LD are working on lots of new sets! I had a chance to try some of these out and I have some sneak peeks to share with you. By the way, I've heard from a little birdie that teachers are going to be getting a REALLY SPECIAL treat very soon. I can't tell you the details now but if you are a teacher, you must check back here later to find out more.

And now for the Sneak Peeks...

See what mean when I say that LD is bringing you a lot of new files? Aren't these just too much fun? I can't wait until I can show you the rest of the new stuff! 

edit: this post was edited at 3:40 pm, Sep 23. It seems that the special friday freebie has been changed for now (due to technicle difficulties??) but here's hoping that it'll be available next Friday.  :-)


  1. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Pop up cards!!! Just what I asked for. :-)
    Can't WAIT!!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH! LOVEEE! I can't wait for all of these!! And I've been saving a giftcard I won from all the way back to the June challenge, I'm glad I saved it! I wonder if soon to be teachers count for this surprise? Thanks for the adorable sneaks Jin :D

  3. I LOVE the 3D Halloweem stuff, can't wait!

  4. the owl and the apple worm oh my gooooodness I will be needing those

    -rachel w k

  5. I am going to LOOOVE those pop-up cards!! Way to go LD! :)