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Monday, July 25, 2011

What you need to know about MTC v.3.3.2 and Lettering Delights

What an exciting weekend! After 2 beta releases, the long-awaited official upgrade for Make-the-Cut is finally available!

Do y'all remember this post (A message from Inspire Graphics) and the follow-up post (Deciphering Greek)  that I published back in February? I forwarded that message to Andy and hoped that he would enable MTC to import the LD SVGs in color. With version 3.3.2, not only did he make that happen, he teamed up with Lettering Delights so that we can now access our LD-svgs from within the program! How awesome is that?!

While many of you are already familiar with how you can use Lettering Delights with MTC, I would like to highlight a few of the new LD-MTC features for the new users:

- You must be connected to the internet in order to access Lettering Delights from MTC.

- Inside v.3.3.2, when you click on the "art" button on the top menu bar, all the SVG sets that are currently being sold on the LD site will show up. Just click on the little triangle next to the box where the name of the LD set shows. 

- When you click on an LD-svg from within MTC, a log-in box will pop up. Just sign-in with the email address and password that you have registered with Lettering Delights and you will be able to bring the SVG that you have previously purchased right onto the virtual mat by double-clicking on it. If you do not already have a Lettering Delights account, you can get one by clicking here: New LD account.

- A Star next to the set indicates that you have previously bought it and you can use it right away. If you clicked on an image that you do not yet own, you will be offered a chance to purchase it from the Lettering Delights website.

- You can log-in or log-out of your Lettering Delights account by clicking on the Key icon.

- If you only want the sets that you own to be displayed, just click on the Star icon.

- Currently, you may only view the LD-svgs from MTC. Graphic sets, doodlebats, and fonts will not show up when you click on the "art" button.

- Also, the LD "Sneak Peeks of the Month" cannot be accessed from MTC. This may or may not change in the future.

- The LD library integration is one of the greatest new features of MTC. The program now makes it super easy for you to use your LD-svgs. However, the way you buy from LD is still the same. You still need to go to the LD website to make your purchase. You do not need to launch MTC to buy your Lettering Delights SVGs.

- If you have previously purchased a SVG set from Lettering Delights, you will be able to use that set from inside MTC, no matter where you had bought it from. Since the program access your LD sets through your purchase history, the SVGs will be displayed in MTC even if you have previously downloaded it from the LD website. You do not need to purchase it a second time in order to use it in MTC.

If you are new to using Lettering Delights with Make-the-Cut, do check out the tutorials that I have all over this blog. You may like to try out the LD-MTC beginners tutorials that I had posted earlier this year. Even though I had use MTC v.3.2 and my Cricut in those tutorials, the way that the LD products are used in MTC mostly remain the same. The main difference is that the LD-svgs can now be accessed from inside MTC and that they import with colors.

Also, if you had downloaded and installed MTC v.3.3.0 BETA or v.3.3.1 BETA this past weekend, please download and install v.3.3.2 as it is the official release and some of the bugs that were in the 2 betas have been fixed in v.3.3.2.

You can download MTC v.3.3.2 by clicking here: Make-the-Cut version 3.3.2.


  1. Thanks so much! I was super nervous to update but it is working fine! Thanks again.

  2. I'm not able to login to LD thru MTC on my laptop so I downloaded v3.3.2 on to my desktop and it is awesome.

    I have to go order more vinyl.

    Thanks for introducing me to MTC & LD. They are the new PB & chocolate

  3. Thank you for the information! This is so very exciting because I really love LD. and MTC!

  4. Does anyone know when MTC will be compatible with MAC?

  5. Hey Jin, thanks for the updates and notice of freebies. You are my only link to LD facebook freebies because, as you know, I no longer have a FB account, so I really appreciate your updates. I'll be here every day to see what's new with you and MTC and LD.

    Hugs, and thank LD for me for the new Kyoto Cutie Cut its! it is so cute!

    Carmen L

  6. Okay, I am wrote, "currently" with regards to other formats on LD not being compatible. Does that mean those other LD formats might be compatible in the future with MTC? That would be wonderful!